President Jonathan Reappoints Director General Of NEMA For Second Term.

President Goodluck Jonathan has recently approved the re-appointment of the Director General of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Muhammad Sani Sidi, for the second term.
Director General of  the National Emergency Management Agency(NEMA) Muhammad Sani Sidi Recently Appointed For A Second Tenure In Abuja(Photo Credit: Daily Times)
This was contained in a letter from the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Senator Anyim Pius Anyim, disclosing the president’s approval after consideringwith satisfaction the achievements recorded by the Director General in the past four years from September 2010 to date.
The Director General of the NEMA in reaction to his re-appointment for a second tenure which will last for Four years pledged an allegiance to ensure the continuous good management measures to disaster in the nation.
Speaking through the agency’s  press officer, Manzo Ezekiel in a statement, the Director General guaranteed that under his administration, the agency will continue to maintain strong unity among various stakeholders, carry on with human competence development and assist with the essential tools for efficient and effective disaster management in the federation.
Furthermore, he added that greater efforts would be made in order to ensure reduction in disaster risks, create awareness and ensure effective management of resources required to handle emergency cases.
Some of the numerous achievements made during his first tenure include the obvious quick response time given to emergency situations, development of various standard disaster management guidelines, timely warning alerts, and assisting victims of disaster v provision of search and rescue equipment and sensitizing people about disaster.

WEIRD:Why I Like Porn Better Than Real Sex [EXPLICIT CONTENT].

WARNING: This post contains sexually explicit language. Please read on at your own discretion.
If I had to choose to have one or the other for the rest of my life, I would choose porn over real sex any day.
Now I know this sounds crazy but hear me out. I’m not even exaggerating when I say that porn gives me the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had. The visual and mental stimulation are so powerful, that sometimes I almost don’t need to touch myself. Not only does it instantly make my dick as hard as a rock, it also gives me so much pre-cum down there that it looks like I just poured an entire bottle of lube on it. And you guys, it feels amazing. No real woman has ever turned me on that much.
I would describe porn this way:
Imagine your perfect sexual partner. Imagine that everything about them is specially catered to your specific tastes. Their face, eyes, body, hair, demeanor, everything is exactly how you like it. Now imagine that their sole purpose in life is to please you sexually. That is literally the only thing she wants in life, to satisfy your needs. She wants you to move her, bend her, touch her, use her, and fuck her in any way that you want.
That is what porn is like.
And the beauty of it is; if you get bored with her, you can change her in any way that you want. You can change her height, hair color, her race, age, what she likes and doesn’t like in bed; you can even change her level of “experience” if you want. So I ask you? When all of this is just a click away, why would I bother with real sex?
I guess now is the time when you all start to tell me that you can get more than just sexual pleasure out of IRL sex. You get romance, connection, intimacy; but most of all you get this thing I keep hearing about called love. I hear you people talk about love a lot. A lot of people have some good things to say about it, others say not so good things.
But honestly, do you really need love? Show of hands, how many of you are in love right now?
*Some people in the room raise their hands*
Huh, a lot of you are. Good for you. But let me talk to the ones that are not currently in love.
*Turns to all the single people*
Let me ask you a few questions. Were you alive when you woke up this morning? Yes? Good. Did you feel sick at all? No? Ok, good, good. Were you in love when you came out of the womb? No? Didn’t think so.
So really, do you need love to survive? I don’t think so. I mean I’ve lasted 24 years without love, and I’m doing fine. Well ok, that’s not 100% true. I guess I was in love once, with a girl I dated for about a month, two years ago. I’ll spare you the details, but suffice to say that I never felt anything like the way I felt for her. And she came along a couple years after my last (not to mention first, and only) girlfriend. I have to say it was really good to feel something like that again. We never got to the point where we were exclusive or “official”. But I really thought that we were going to end up there soon.
She didn’t feel that way.
After only a month of casually seeing each other, she ended it. When I asked her why, she said all the right clichés and gave a plethora of sensible-sounding reasons why we were ending. But everything she said was bullshit. She was just trying to cover up the real reason why she wanted to leave; which was simply that she got bored. After a month of dating, she got she wanted out of me, and tossed me aside.
Now before you all start saying that I just need to get over her, that there are other fish in the sea, and we all get dumped every once in awhile, you should know that I’ve dated plenty of girls in the past couple of years since her and I broke up. I’ve even liked and had fun with a couple of them. But they all ended up leaving, not by my choice. At some point, they all want to leave me. And that point always comes at the same time; roughly 37 seconds after I start to think that we could have something “real”.
You see, with porn, it’s just easier. With porn you don’t have to deal with the whole song and dance that is dating these days. You don’t have to worry about coming on too strong, or not strong enough. You never have to worry if porn likes you or not. You never have to wait and hope that porn will text or call you, or if porn will return your text/call. You never have to worry about communication, porn doesn’t care about that. You don’t have to spend time learning about porn’s wants and desires, because her desires are exactly the same as yours. You don’t have to put in the time or effort to get to know porn, to court her, or seduce her; she wants to fuck you the moment you click on her.
You don’t have to call porn after a date to tell her that you had a lot of fun. You don’t even have to call her to say hi for no reason at all. You don’t have to share your bed and cuddle with porn at night. You don’t have to hold porn when she cries, she never will. You never have to make porn laugh when she’s having a bad day, or even just because you want to. Porn doesn’t expect you to do anything special for Valentines Day, or any other holidays. You don’t have to take long walks on the beach with porn, or watch the sunset with her, or hold her hand.
And porn won’t do any of that for you. Porn teaches you how to not need anyone but yourself.
So I ask you; when I can have porn, why would I want anything else?
Love? Romance? Intimacy? Companionship? Connection?
Why the fuck would I want any of that?

Security Guard Arraigned For Stealing Inverter Batteries Worth N1.4 Million In Lagos.

Security Guard Arraigned For Stealing Inverter Batteries Worth N1.4 Million In Lagos
A Tinubu Magistrate’s court in Lagos state on Monday, September 29, 2014 commenced trial for a 40-year-old security guard, Toyeeb Agbaje, who allegedly stole 18 inverter batteries worth about N1.4 million. 
Agbaje is resident at Oguntayo Estate, Eputu, Lagos State and he is being tried in the court for double charges of stealing and conspiracy.
While speaking in the court, the prosecutor, Chidi Okoye, disclosed that the offences were committed at Eputu in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos on September 27, 2014.
According to him, the accused together with his cohorts who are yet to be captured broke into the place housing an Etisalat Mast and made away 18 inverter batteries valued at 1.4million naira.
He said, “The accused were trailed and later apprehended while others escaped.”
Okoye said the offences contravened Sections 285 and 409 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011.
Section 285 stipulates a three-year jail term for stealing, while Section 409 provides two years imprisonment for conspiracy.
However, Agbaje pleaded innocence to the offences he was accused for.
The Magistrate, Mr L.A. Owolabi in his ruling granted the accused bail in the sum of 100, 000 naira with two sureties in like sum and adjourned the case to October 27, 2014 for mention

19 Arrested Over Murder Of Former Chairman Of Ekiti National Union Of Road Traffic Workers.

19 Arrested Over Murder Of Former Chairman Of Ekiti National Union Of Road Traffic Workers
No fewer than 19 people have been arrested in Ekiti State by Police Command following the murder of an ex-chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers Omolafe Aderiye.
The police revealed that among the 19 people who were nabbed in an operation over the weekend was one female.
However, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Victor Babayemi, while confirming the arrest to members of the press in Ado-Ekiti on Monday, September 29, 2014 failed to disclose the identity of the suspects stating that they were considered innocent for the mean time until adequate investigations give them reasons to be considered guilty.
Ekiti State Commissioner of Police, Taiwo Lakanu( Photo Credit:The Punch)
Ekiti State Commissioner of Police, Taiwo Lakanu( Photo Credit:The Punch)
As reported by Punch, Babayemi said, “The 19 are being questioned in respect of the killing. This is to determine their level of culpability; it is not that they have been indicted. They are helping us in the investigation”.
Until his death, the ex-chairman was an ardent follower of the Governor-elect, Mr. Ayo Fayose. He was murdered in Ijigbo area of Ado-Ekiti, the state capital on Thursday, September 25, 2014.
The violence that followed his death across the state on Friday, September 26, 2014 resulted in the setting ablaze of the house and cars of a former state chairman of the Road Transport Employees Association of Nigeria(RTEAN), Rotimi Olabiwoninu.
On Sunday, September 27, 2014, the members of the RTEAN in Ekiti state threatened to launch a retaliation attack.
APC campaign office burnt in Ekiti on Friday, september 26, 2014 (Photo credit: Linda Ikeji)
APC campaign office burnt in Ekiti on Friday, september 26, 2014 (Photo credit: Linda Ikeji)
Nevertheless, on Monday, September 28, 2014, a meeting was held between police officials and prominent traditional rulers in the state in a bid to restore peace.
In addition, the police officials meetings with leaders of the RTEAN, NURTW, market men and women, religious leaders, okada riders and other interest groups in the state.
According to Babayemi, the meetings were held in order to proffer permanent solution to the persistent chaos often experienced in the state.
The State Commissioner of Police, Taiwo Lakanu, while stating that Ekiti was greater than anybody urged the council of traditional rulers, led by their chairman, the Onitaji of Itaji, Obama Adamo Babalola, to appeal to their members to give room for a peaceful co-existence in the state.
The Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of Zone 8, Christopher Dega, promised them the objectivity stance of the police officials towards all and sundry in the state adding that the recurring chaos in the state was tarnishing their image in the eyes of other people.
Among the traditional rulers who were present at the meeting were the Ajero of Ijero, Adebayo Adewole; Oose of Efan-Ekiti, James Popoola; Owaoye of Okemesi, M.G. Adedeji; Alara of Aramoko, Olu Adegoke Adeyemi; Olooye of Oye Kingdom, Oluwole Ademolaju; and Onisan of Isan, Sunday Ajiboye.
Meanwhile, according to a source present at the meeting, the council of traditional rulers has pledged their support towards working with the police officials in order to ensure that lasting peace returns to the state. They also urged the people to respect the directive.
Further speaking, the source added that the traditional rulers appealed to the angry people in court to allow justice prevail. They also asked that parties at the tribunal not to portray attitude that will make it look like they were trying to cause violence in the state which is directly against the goal of the people to enthrone peace in the already trouble state.

Church Cancels Funeral After Seeing This Obituary PHOTO Of The Deceased.

Church Cancels Funeral After Seeing This Obituary PHOTO Of The Deceased [LOOK]
A Saskatoon widow scrambled to find a new venue for her husband’s funeral after a local church cancelled her booking based on how the deceased looked in his obituary.
Cheryl Stinson says her family was set to hold a memorial for her stepfather, Larry Frazer, at the St. Patrick Parish Centre hall on Sept. 29, until the church cancelled the booking on Monday. The worst part is why the church cancelled, Stinson said in an interview.
“The funeral home called her Monday and told her the church saw Larry’s picture in the paper and because of what they saw they ‘do not want his kind there’ so she couldn’t have the hall,” Stinson said in an interview. “My mother was extremely upset, of course.”
Widow Bonnie Frazer (left) and daughter Cheryl Stinson are feeling the sting of being rejected by St. Patrick Church cancelling Larry Frazer's funeral on September 25 in Saskatoon because of what he was wearing in this picture. (Photo Credit: Richard Marjan/Starphoen)
Widow Bonnie Frazer (left) and daughter Cheryl Stinson are feeling the sting of being rejected by St. Patrick Church cancelling Larry Frazer’s funeral on September 25 in Saskatoon because of what he was wearing in this picture.

On Thursday, church officials apologized for the comment, which they attributed to a volunteer responsible for booking the hall.
In the obituary photo, Frazer has a mohawk haircut and wears a T-shirt displaying the words “Sons of Anarchy,” a television show about a biker gang. Stinson said she suspects the volunteer thought Larry was a gang member, which she said is a ridiculous idea.
“I just want people to know what happened, and an apology for my mom,” Stinson said. “I can’t believe anybody would do this to someone who just lost her husband.”
Father Gerard Cooper of the St. Patrick Parish Centre said he wasn’t aware of the situation until Thursday, when he learned a volunteer had cancelled the booking. He said the decision was an “error in judgment” and doesn’t reflect parish policies.
I just want people to know what happened, and an apology for my mom“We do not say ‘no’ to anyone for a funeral service … The gospel we preach doesn’t judge,” Cooper said in an interview. “We extend our deepest apologies to Larry’s family.”He added that the family planned to rent the hall in the church’s basement and did not request the presence of a priest, which is why he didn’t learn of the situation until later in the week.A church volunteer made the comments to an employee of the funeral home organizing Larry’s service when she called to get more details about the service, said Blake Sittler, director of pastoral services for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon. He said the funeral home then relayed the comments to Frazer.“It was a serious error in judgment,” Sittler said in an interview, adding that it’s unclear why the volunteer cancelled the booking.
“The statement was made, and that’s what we want to apologize for,” Sittler said.
The diocese learned of the cancellation late Wednesday, he addedThere is no policy about who we will and won’t serve. We’ve done funerals for all kinds of people.

It’s not clear how the conversation went from discussing memorial service details to comments about the man’s appearance, Sittler said.
“That’s kind of what we are wondering too,” he said. “There is no policy about who we will and won’t serve. We’ve done funerals for all kinds of people.
“I assume it was the Tshirt the volunteer was scared of. I don’t know. I feel bad because I think it was a real unfortunate error in judgment to prejudge him like that.”
Larry died from a superbug infection and medical complications, Stinson said. A service will be held Sept. 29 at the Royal Canadian Legion on Spadina Crescent

2 Arraigned Over $50,000 Fraud In Lagos.

 A 41-year old Noma Mohammed and 32-year old Kabiru Mohammed who allegedly defrauded an owner of a  Bureau de Change  of 50,000 dollars were on Monday, September 29, 2014 brought before a Lagos Magistrates’ Court sitting at Igbaosere.
A three-count charge was brought against each of them ranging from conspiracy, obtaining by false pretences to stealing preferred against them by the police.
While speaking in the court, the prosecutor, Inspector Stephen Molo, stated that the defendant committed the offences at 12, Sanni Adewale Street, in Lagos Island on August 14, 2014.
According to him, the two businessmen pretended to be representatives of a man who runs the same Bureau de Change business known as Alhaji Saminu Mohammed
However, the complainant fell prey to these men by thinking they were real and gave them a whooping sum of 50,000 Dollars which he wanted to be converted to the equivalent Nigerian currency.
Further speaking, the prosecutor added that the disguised criminals simply fled with the dollars after receiving them from unsuspecting victim.
According to a report by Vanguard, Molo said the complainant reported the case to the police who traced and arrested the two suspects in  Lagos and  Kano respectively.
According to the prosecutor, the offences committed is punishable under Sections 278(B), 312(1)(a) and 409 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2011.
Section 312 prescribes 15 years imprisonment for anyone convicted of the offence of obtaining under false pretence. However, the defendants pleaded not guilty to the charges brought up against them.
The Magistrate of the court, J. A. Adegun agreed that the defendants be bailed with the sum of N250, 000 each, with two responsible sureties each in like sum. The case was further adjourned for mention on October 15, 2014.

"You're The Devil", Chris Brown Blasts TMZ Boss .

Looks like Chris Brown has found a new way of channelling his anger besides beating up people on the streets. The singer is now using writing to express how he feels and the first person to receive the heat from the "Loyal" singer is TMZ founder and Executive Producer, Harvey Levin!
Brown lashed out on his Instagram yesterday Sept. 29 blaming TMZ for trying to ruin his career and bury his almost 'resurrected' personality.
Breezy's frustration popped after TMZ published a story about him shoving a woman who tried to kiss him. He took to instagram to slam the CEO.
He posted the CEO's picture and captioned it
"What the devil looks like in person. Lol. You sad little man. You’ve been trying for years to destroy me. It won’t work. Your efforts are flattering. When you look back on your life when it’s that time for you to depart, what can u actually say you’ve accomplished in life?
Bringing people down and being the number one source for negativity. Life’s too short homie. Find some sort of happiness. You are a grown ass man. God bless you bruh."
Would you blame Breezy or TMZ for this outrage?

Tony Tetuila Finally Dumps Blond Hair For Politics

You Don Hit My Car singer, Tony Tetuila, real name Anthony Olarenwaju Awotoye, who is gunning for a seat in the Kwara State House of Assembly, has shown that he surely has listening ears and will listen to his constituents if he gets into the House.
When former member of 1990s Nigerian rap group, Remedies came out few days ago with his intention and his political posters, he flaunted the blond hair he was known for as an entertainer.
That poster and hair brought a lot of attack on his person, with some saying he is not serious and does not know that politics is a very serious business and not meant for riff-raffs, while many of his entertainment colleagues lambasted him for adorning the blond hair in the poster.
Well, Tony Tetuila has decided to sacrifice his much loved and well maintained hair and brand to show his people that he is really serious about representing them and that he would listen to their complaints and take necessary steps when he gets there.
In a new poster he made, he actually covered his head with a cap; though there seems to be some tuft of blond hidden somewhere.
Hope people are seeing this sacrifice made by Tony Tetuila!
'Olarenwaju Omo Wa Ni!!!'

Tiwa Savage Sacks Husband Tee Billz As Her Manager.

Reports in the Nigerian media suggest turbulent times in the marriage of celebrity couple, Tiwa Savage & Tunji ‘Tee Billz’ Balogun.
According to reports, Tiwa has sacked her husband of 5 months from being her manager.
Tee Billz is said to no longer be in charge of her calls, and doesn’t accompany her to events anymore. This was highlighted at the Africa Unplugged event at London, where the couple were not spotted together.
We hope all is well with the couple.

Banky W Directs New Video With Ikechukwu.

Empire Mates Entertainment artist Banky W is currently in New York directing a new video with Nigerian rapper Ikechukwu.
The ' Jaiye Ori Mi' singer recently enrolled in the prestigious New York Film Academy where he is taking a professional course in film making and video production.
The singer turned producer is spotted in New York shooting a video with rapper Ikechukwu and a sexy model Ify Yolanda Jones  in a bedroom. Banky is seen behind the camera putting his newly learned skills to proper use.

Michael Majid Is The Best Actor In Africa- Stella Damasus

Ace Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus has declared Ghanaian movie star, Michel Majid the best actor in Africa!
While attending the actor's suprise 34th birthday party in Atlanta over the weekend, the actress took to her Twitter page to post this message:
"@majidmichelmm is the best actor to ever come out of Africa as far as I am concerned. People may not understand why I say this yet, but soon we will all see."
Damasus showed up at the party with her boyfriend and movie producer Daniel Ademinokan.

Do you agree with Stella? No disrepect to Majid but I mean what ever happened to RMD, Ramseh Noah, Olu Jacobs, Emeka Ike, Pete Edochie... need I go on?

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY: Kunle Afolayan Actor and FilmMaker Turns 38 Today.

Nollywood leading actor and star film director Adekunle Afolayan adds another year today September 30, 2014.
The father of three has sky rocketed to being a top film director in Nigeria especially since the release of his movie 'The Figurine' which bagged several awards at the Africa Film Academy Awards.
The actor/director/producer is one of the Nigerian celebrities who also attended New York Film Academy just like Stephanie Okereke and more recently, Banky W.
Afolayan is set to release another movie which is expected to be another huge movie tomorrow October 1, 2014 called 'October 1'

President GEJ's cook, Taxi Driver And Traffic Warden Honoured At 2014 National Awards.

From left: Presidential steward, Onu Isaac Michael, Taxi driver, Imeh Usuah and traffic warden Cpl Solomon Dauda, conferred with the Member of the Order of the Niger, MON and MFR, today. Usuah was honored for returning N18million a passenger forgot in his taxi. The three of them were also given houses in Abuja.

BOKO HARAM: Terrorist Razes Over 500 Houses In Adamawa State.

Boko Haram men in the early hours of yesterday September 29th launched an attack in Kubi and Watu villages in Michika LGA of Adamawa state, killing scores and burning over 500 houses.
According to a resident of the village, the sect men came very early in the morning when people were still sleeping, setting their homes ablaze and causing them to burn to death in the resulting inferno

Actress Foluke Daramola Speaks On Political Ambition And Failed Marriage.

In a recent interview with Yes! magazine, actress Foluke Daramola-Salako spoke on her failed marriage and plans to one day go into politics
"First and foremost, I rushed into my first marriage because everybody was getting married and I also wanted to get married. So I really did not know who I was getting married to the first time. That was the issue. The bane was that I was in a hurry to get married and because I was in a hurry to get married, I did not really study the person I got married to. But just because I had kids in that marriage, I don't regret it because for everything that happens to us in life, it has been orchestrated by God. So, the only thing that I think was the bane of the relationship was that I was immature and I jumped into the marriage and never took my time" she said
On her political ambition, she said;
"Yes I have political intentions but it is just that I don't know where I fit in right now. It is a very good one because if we all don't do it, who will do it? We have been complaining about our leaders, so we should be able to make a difference. A lot of artiste that are going into politics now are well read and enlightened. They are educated and they can make the change as well. So I think there should even be more people going into it. At the end of the day, as a celebrity, if they are not doing what they are supposed to do, people would now say you are supposed to be a pacesetter and you are now making mockery of the whole thing" she said
She also said her kids from her previous marriage had wanted to drop their father's name for her new husband's surname because of well he treats them
"One of the things that attracted me to Kayode Salako(her new husband) in the first instance is the fact that he loves children. He has never segregated for one day segregated against my children to make them feel he doesn't love them. Let me give you a scenario. I went for an open day in my children's school just after we got married and my children told me there that they didn't want their surname anymore, that they want to bear Kayode Salako and when their teachers refused their request, they would just write their names(Ire, Ibukun) and won't write their surname (Sobowale) and it was because of the way he was treating them that they felt loved" she said

9ice Shares Picture Of His Beautiful Daughter.

The artiste turned politician showed off his new-born daughter, Michelle Abolanle Akande, on his instagram page today. He welcomed the b eautiful girl with his girlfriend, Sukanmi Ajala, last week.

Fuji star, Saheed Osupa Reportedly Buys Land For All His Band Members.

Fuji star, Saheed Osupa reportedly bought a large parcel of land which he gifted to each of his band members who have been with him throughout his sojourn in music. According to City People, the four acre of land which is located in Ota, Ogun state was shared among the members last month. That's so nice of him!

TAYLOR SWIFT SUED: Chaffeurs Can Onky Speak To Me Sometimes.

Taylor Swift apparently needed a motorcade normally reserved for heads of state ... and she wanted to be treated like one ... this according to a new lawsuit.Taylor's company made a deal this past June with a chauffeur service to whisk her around NYC.  The company made all sorts of demands, including guidelines on when the driver was allowed to talk to Taylor.But it didn't stop there. Taylor's director of security told the chauffeur service to get 2 additional whips. The service obliged by leasing 2, brand spanking new Chevy Suburban SUVs.So imagine the chauffeur's dismay when 3 weeks after making the various demands Taylor's people pulled the plug, leaving the limo company holding the bag on the lease.The chauffeurs are now suing Taylor's company for all sorts of losses.Her company is radio silent ... it's unclear if they were allowed to speak with her for comment.

Amanda Bynes Arrested For Driving Under The Influence Of Stimulant.

Amanda Bynes was arrested in Los Angeles Sunday after cops determined she was driving under the influence ... and our law enforcement sources say she was on a STIMULANT ... but we're told she has also developed a serious weed problem ... again.

Here's what we know -- Bynes was driving a Mercedes in the San Fernando Valley when she stopped in the middle of an intersection on Van Nuys Blvd.

A CHP officer spotted her and determined she was under the influence. She was taken to the LAPD Van Nuys division where a drug recognition officer determined she was under the influence of a stimulant.   Toxicology tests are being performed now to determine the exact drug or drugs.

According to the incident report ... Amanda had a "disheveled" appearance.

Amanda was then booked for DUI. She posted $15,000 bail.

Amanda has had trouble with mental problems for years now. Her parents had a conservatorship which ended earlier this month and as one source says, "Things started going haywire."

We're told Amanda has moved out of her parents home and is now living in an Orange County apartment.  We're told she has been smoking weed for weeks and things are bad again.

The arrest triggers a legal problem. Amanda is on probation for a reckless driving conviction last February.

Pregnant Chibok Girl Relocated To Abuja.

The young girl who was abandoned by Boko Haram insurgents and found in Adamawa state has been transferred to Abuja, ThisDay reports.
Susan Ishaya, believed to be one of the missing Chibok girls, was found in the Mubi area of the state and discovered to be 4 months pregnant.
Her relocation was reportedly confirmed by the Chairman of the Chibok community in Abuja, Mr. Tsambido Hosea Abana.
He also added that the girl was in the custody of the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA).
He said:
 “I don't have details for now. All I know is that she is in Abuja now; she is in the custody of the DIA. I have not seen her since she was brought into the city,”
The young girl was said to have suffered physical and psychological trauma after she was found with both old and new injuries.
The over 200 Chibok schoolgirls were kidnapped from Borno state on April 14, 2014 and most of them are still in captivity.