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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

MUST READ: How You Can Impress Your Crush

So, you like that cute girl/handsome hunk and want them to notice you. Here are some pointers to make a lasting impression on your crush
Grooming matters For Him: “Be well-groomed and wear clothes that you can carry off with ease. Smell good all the time,” suggests Karnik Pathak a finance management student. For Her: “Do not blindly follow fashion. Be yourself. Never fiddle with your hair when you’re with him, a smile and an attitude will do the trick,” says Vedika Vyas.
Compliments For Him: Girls love compliments but more importantly they know when you are faking a compliment. So be genuine. Make her feel special and loved but don’t behave like a possessive sociopath. For Her: Never shy away from giving compliments to your guy. However, make sure that you don’t cross the limit and come across as a desperate trying to get all his attention.
Gently break the ice For Him: “An enchanting smile and being chivalrous makes all the difference!” says Rohan Maheshwari, a CA final year student. He adds, “Smile and eye contact are the best way to break the ice. If she responds then make the move by introducing yourself and start with some general yet witty conversations. Work on building the trust factor before you ask her out for a coffee. You won’t get a negative response.” For Her: Nidhi Yadav, who is pursuing her masters in English Literature says, “Be confident, strike a witty conversation. The trick lies in making him laugh. Do not give away a lot of information about yourself, be mysterious.”
Hitting the common ground For Him: “There will be many opportunities like fresher’s parties, college projects, assignments, field trips to woo her,” says Karnik. For Her: “A guy will always be impressed and will be happy to be with a girl who can at times be a bro with him sharing his passion for sports and more,” says Vedika Vyas.
Dos’ 1. Be confident. 2. When you are with him/her, give phubbing a miss 3. Wit wins definitely. Be pleasant 4. Give them and yourself a little space to do things that you enjoy
Dont’s 1. Do not try to hog the limelight 2. Stalking is a big no no. Even on social media. 3. If your crush doesn’t call you back, don’t be a despo. Give them time and space. 4. Nothing matters more than your Emotional Quotient.


PHOTO: 11 Unijos Students Shot During Protests ,School Shut Down

On Tuesday November 25th, Security agents in Plateau state shot at protesting students of the University of Jos, injuring 11 protesters who were publicly challenging an alleged increment in school fees.
The Student Union Government (SUG) Public Relations Officer Longgun Dakwon confirmed the action of the military.He told Daily Trust
“I narrowly escaped, the military came into our classes and shot some of us while some were arrested and now the school authority is asking us to vacate our hostel when some of us have only N30,”However, STF (Special Task force) spokesperson, Captain Ikedichi Iweha denied allegations that the military was responsible for the shooting.He said

“There were other security agents there and there was a shooting in which four students were injured. However the shooting was not carried out by STF. On the first day of the protest, the students poured water on us and stoned us but we exercise restrain. Today there was need for reinforcements so other security agents had to join.”

“the school property is under threat because they have allowed miscreants to hijack the protest, four of our men were injured during the protest yet we exercised restrain, their protest should be within the bounds of law. The school management asked students to vacate their hostels.

“In order to avoid further escalation of the situation, the management met this morning decided that the school be closed down until further notice. Students are therefore directed to vacate their hostels.”A statement signed by the University Registrar, Mr. Jilli Dandam, read

PHOTO: Wiz Khalifa Goes Completely Naked As He Bath Himself With Champagne

PHOTO: Wiz Khalifa Goes Completely Naked As He Bath Himself With Champagne..... The American Celebs are really going outta the way to do crazy things. Days ago, it was Kim K who made the whole Internet awash when she when stack nude for a magazine. 

Top rapper Wiz Khalifa Rapper shared a picture on his Instagram page that shows Wiz pouring alcoholic drink over his head with one hand while holding his privates with the other as he stands naked in a bathtub.

He captioned the photo: ‘No shower til 4pm’.

"Messi Is Not As Good As Ronaldo" – Carlos Vela Confesses

The former Basel man insists people are jealous of the Real Madrid superstar, who he feels has already proven himself superior to his Barcelona rival by excelling in England
Carlos Varela says Lionel Messi is not half as good as Cristiano Ronaldo and claims that the Portuguese would have won more Ballon d’Or awards if he were “ugly”.
Ronaldo is the reigning titleholder and the current favourite to win this year’s prize after inspiring Real Madrid to Champions League glory in May.
The 29-year-old has also been widely lauded for his remarkable goalscoring exploits this season but Varela says that Ronaldo still does not get all of the credit he deserves, something he puts down to jealousy.
“I do not understand how anyone could criticise him,” the former Basel midfielder told AS ahead of Madrid’s Champions League clash with the Swiss champions at St. Jakob Park on Wednesday night.
“I think his image has a [negative] effect.
“People are jealous and envious of him. If he were ugly, they would have treated him better.
“He should have won more than two Ballon d’Or awards. Messi is not even half the player that Ronaldo is.
“Messi has not shown the world what he can do another club, unlike Ronaldo, who has already proven himself at Manchester United.
Ronaldo won the Champions League with United in 2008 before leaving for Madrid the following year.
The Madeira native has since scored 277 goals in 264 games for the Blancos but he is continually compared to four-time Ballon d’Or winner Messi, who became La Liga and the Champions League’s all-time record goalscorer over the past four days.

PHOTOS: Eto'o Secretly Weds His Fiancee After 10-years Of Living Together

Amazing!!! Cameroonian superstar Samuel Eto has finally married the mother of his children, Georgette in a very private ceremony.
Samuel and Georgette have been living together for 10 years and have four kids together.
The private ceremony took place on Monday, 24th of November, 2014 in a very small town, Capiago Intimiano in Italy.

Checkout The Cute Campaign Photos Buhari Released

 Checkout The Cute Campaign Photos Buhari Released.... The dude is looking younger.... Oh, did I just called a General "DUDE". My bad! Anyway, Gen. Buhari looks really good on this photos.

Psquare & Family Members Still Silent Over Father's Death (READ)

Peter and Paul Okoye of Psquare remain mum about the death of father.
PS NL CURIOUS MIND: Psquare And The Okoye Family Still Silent Over Fathers Death
Psquare, Peter andPaul Okoye and also older brother Jude Okoye who lost their father Pa Okoye on Monday November 24, 2014 have remained silent on the issue.
Efforts was  made to contact the superstar group’s PR person to comment on the silence of the twins.
‘Psquare is not ready release a public statement about the unfortunate loss of their father’, the twins’ rep Bayo Adeturevealed
Pa Okoye passed on after the completion of a successful knee surgery.
It’s understandable that the Okoye family is grieving and need time to mourn their beloved father. Only Lola Omotayo, Peter Okoye’s wife came out to openly address the loss of her father-in-law on Instagram.
We commiserate with the Okoye family during this difficult time.

MUST READ: Obasanjo Blast Jonathan Again

Barely one week after rating the Jonthan administra­tion below average, former President Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday in Abuja came hard on his protégé over govern­ment’s poor understanding of the Boko Haram insurgency.
Obasanjo made the grave allega­tions at the launch of an autography of former president of the Court of Appeal and pioneer Chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), retired Justice Mustapha Akanbi.
Obasanjo said: “Boko Haram is not simply a menace based on religion or one directed to frustrate anybody’s political ambition. It is essentially a socio-economic problem that is tainted with religion.
“It is a gargantuan danger to the nation and to all Nigerians. President Goodluck Jonathan’s understanding of Boko Haram phenomenon suffered from wrong reading and wrong im­putation. That is what led us to where we are today,” he said.
Obasanjo also accused Jonathan for the dilly-dally approach his adminis­tration has adopted in tackling Boko Haram. “It took even the President more than three years to appreciate and understand that it is a terrible mix of poor education or lack of education, misinterpretation of what is almost the Quran teaches and stands for, poverty, unemployment, injustice, drug, gun trafficking, hu­man trafficking, fallout from Libya, revenge, frustration, struggle against inequality, imitation of international terrorism leading to training and part of the absorption by international terrorist groups and general poor governance including corruption,” he said.
He took a swipe at the Jonathan administration, accusing the govern­ment of naked display of corrup­tion, thereby hampering the nation’s economy.
He said: “For quite some time, the covered and hushed-up corruption has had its toll on the economy. The non – investment in the oil and gas sector by major international oil com­panies has added its own deleterious impact.
“Our continued heavy depen­dence on one commodity had not adequately prepared us against any shock in that one commodity in the international plane. With the figure of $78 per barrel as benchmark, we will be in a bind if oil price falls to $75 per barrel.
“I am made to understand that Saudi Arabia used $68 as benchmark for her 2015 budget. Our inadequate protection of almost all local indus­tries with heavy cost of energy has dealt a hard blow on most indigenous industries,’ he said.
The former president warned: “In the future, we will have a budget that cannot be funded. We may have to borrow to pay salaries and allow­ances. Revenue allocation to states and local governments has already drastically reduced. Capital projects at all levels may have to be drasti­cally cut or stopped.”
On corruption and poor gover­nance, Obasanjo said: “Nigeria cannot continue to indulge in disdain of truth, elevation of corruption and incompetence, reinforcement of failure, condon­ing heinous crimes and celebra­tion of mediocrity, tribal bigotry, fomenting violence and anti – democratic practices in states and National Assembly.”
Meanwhile, Oba Rilwan Akiolu of Lagos, said before the inaugu­ration of Obasanjo as president, he pledged to ensure transparency in the oil sector, but Obasanjo later reneged as the oil sector was besieged with quantum corrup­tion.
The monarch said contrary, “Obasanjo failed to address the problems with the number of crude oil per barrel produced daily, how many barrels are ex­ported for sale as well as the use of the proceeds.”
Obasanjo, replied the royal father, stating that it was during his tenure that allocations to states became transparent with the pub­lication of monthly revenues to the three tiers of governments.
He said that his government also worked out modalities to enthrone accountability and trans­parency in the oil sector.
Vice President Namadi Sambo, in his speech, commended Justice Akanbi’s effort on anti-corruption and commitment to service.

BREAKING NEWS: Tambuwal Is Not Speaker - IGP

The Inspector-General of Po­lice (IGP), Suileman Abba, yesterday declined to recog­nize Hon. Aminu Tambuwal as Speaker, House of Representa­tives. Rather, he insisted that he knows the Speaker as Alhaji Tambuwal.
Speaking when he appeared before the House Committee on Police Affairs , Abba said the matter on whether Hon. Tambuwal is still the Speaker or not is before the court, and as such, he could not comment on it.
The IGP was summoned by the committee over last Thursday’s invasion of the National Assembly, Abuja by the police. Tambuwal and other lawmakers were tear gassed by policemen in the incident which witnessed the scaling of the fence by some House members.
Abba’s appearance yesterday which was marked by some drama started with the police boss expressly refusing to refer Tambuwal as Speaker.
Asked why his men disrespected the the Speaker, he answered, “Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal”?. This was countered by visibly displeased committee members who asked him to address the Speaker properly . He declined the advice.
He went straight to the issue regarding the invasion of the Assembly. He said, “in the process of safeguarding the security of the National Assembly on November 20, we collaborated with the National Assembly’s Sergeant-at-Arms according to laid down procedures, members were being asked to identify themselves before they could be allowed into the premises.
“And at the gate, a tear gas exploded when ‘Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal’ was being asked to identify himself. We still don’t know the circumstances surrounding the explosion and we are investigating it”.
On why the police laid siege at the Assembly, Abba said he acted based on credible information. According to him, the deployment of policemen was meant to prevent what happened on November 19, when Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi and other All Progressives Congress (APC) supporters besieged the Force Headquarters, Abuja. He stated that Amaechi and his supporters had vowed to do worse things the following day; including going to the National Assembly.
The IGP insisted that there were reports that those who scaled the fence on that day were thugs who came with some of the lawmakers.
Asked if the so-called thugs included the lawmakers who scaled the fence after being locked out by the police, he replied that actions taken by the force were meant to avert a breakdown of law and order as witnessed recently in Bukina Faso.
The IGP said: “We acted on credible information about suspected thugs who wanted to invade the Assembly, and because we didn’t want what happened in Bukina Faso to repeat itself here, we had to take stringent security measures”.
The committee members brought back the issue of the IGP refusing to recognize Tambuwal as Speaker and ad­dressing him as a mere Alhaji, who has no place in national protocol and significance . Abba maintained his stand, re­fusing to bow to threats by the lawmakers.
Chairman of the committee, Hon. Usman Kumo, cau­tioned Abba to act within the laws of the land, maintain­ing that the Speaker and his office must be respected and addressed accordingly.

Another lawmaker, Hon. Hakeem Muniru (APC Lagos), said; “the IGP must retract his statement calling the Speak­er, ‘Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal’ or I take my leave as I would deem this sitting as illegal. I can’t participate in a hearing where the Office of the Speaker through whose authority we are having this meeting is not even recognised by an appointee of the executive”.

Hon. Victor Nwokolo (PDP Delta) said: “I agree with the earlier speaker on the issue at stake which has to do with the IGP retracting his disrespectful statement about the Of­fice of the Speaker”.

Convinced that Abba was not ready to shift ground, the Chairman hit his gavel and told his colleagues that he would report back to the House about what transpired and therefore, adjourned the hearing until further notice.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The 8 Places A Man Must NEVER Touch On A Woman’s Body

The 8 Places A Man Must NEVER Touch On A Woman’s Body

Sometimes I get tired of hearing myself say Don’t touch! I am sure my husband gets annoyed, too, since it’s him who is doing the touching. It’s not that I don’t like his touch, you see, I really do love it to the millionth degree, but there are times when he touches me in a place during a certain time that makes me want to scream.
Of course I don’t scream for fear of waking up our kids who have recently decided to go on a sleep strike leaving us to rarely get any touchy feely time in anyway so I should really take it when I can get it. But I’m trying to make the best out of every touchy feely moment — trying to make the best of this moment for everyone. So here’s my list on the places a man should never touch on a woman’s body along with the worst times to do it. Because I’m not saying these places should never be touched, I’m saying they shouldn’t be touched in certain scenarios. Men, you need to be astute. I know, it’s hard sometimes. But here’s help.
1. The nipple when other things are going on with our body. Avoid nipple pinching when we’re breastfeeding or about to have our periods. It just hurts … in the bad way.
2. The leg when it hasn’t been shaved and we’ve been meaning to shave but just didn’t get around to it. We want to be smooth, but now you’ve gone and realized we are prickly and lazy, making us feel instantly unattractive. (Unless of course you are into that sort of thing.)
3. The vagina when it needs a bath. If you start going downtown and she pulls you back up, this is your red flag that she’s not feeling so fresh. Respect it because your attempt will be futile. She probably won’t enjoy it while worrying about her lady odor anyway.
4. The anus without a lubricated finger. One question will help you understand: How do you think it would feel to shove your penis in a keyhole?
5. Our hair after we just spent hours at the salon. Common sense, right? Come on, guys!
6. The face when we’re oily or have a pimple. If you don’t know when this is because men seem to generally be blind to these sorts of things, tell your woman you think she looks so pretty. If she acts surprised and mentions something about her skin not being right or sort of looks away to hide her face, this may be a good time to avoid face touching. Or, you know, just look to see if there is a blemish.
7. The stomach after a large meal. We really want to have a flat tummy, but it’s nearly impossible most times, particularly after we just ate a cheeseburger with sweet potato French fries and had a beer. Or during a premenstrual bloat. Or when we eat anything with beans.
8. Anywhere after we have been sweating … a lot … and we aren’t drunk. I’d say about 99 percent of the time, most women don’t like a man to get all physical after we’ve gotten all physical at the gym. This is also true for when we have been outside heating up during those sweltering summer months. But I’ve found that if you add alcohol, this hang up of being touched when sweaty is gone. Same goes for all the others, too.
Of course there are always exceptions here, which makes it all the more confusing for men. Women can be hard to read and harder to please, but when you do read us and please us, everyone is satisfied. Got that, guys?

"Marriage Not On My Mind Now" – Singer, Flavour Confesses

Recently, some girls have been fighting over Flavour on the social media. It looks as if the girls may really be wasting their time as the singer told Saturday Beats that he is not settling down with anybody anytime soon.

In fact, one of the ladies, who he allegedly put in the family way, gave birth recently but Flavour refused to talk about it when Saturday Beats asked him about being a new daddy.

“I don’t like to talk about being a father but I don’t have any plans for marriage right now and it is because my career is very demanding. I would always want to spend time with my family and it is not something I can do now because I am all over the place. I was raised in the proper way with my parents always watching over me and I want to do the same to my family. For now, I don’t want to get married.”

Anyway, nobody would really blame the ladies who fight over him. Flavour knows how to make the ladies swoon, especially with the kind of seductive pictures he releases on the social media.

Now, ladies see the singer as a sex symbol, since he loves showing off his biceps and six packs at every opportunity.

Flavour readily agrees that he shows off his body because he is proud of what he has got. He said he spends time to keep fit and he is confident about his body.

“If I am not doing music, I love to work out and when I do that, I am confident enough to show my body on my social media accounts. If you call me a sex symbol, you are not lying. I feel it is a good thing for people to believe in themselves and be confident. I believe in hard work and it shows in my music and the way I work out at the gym. I exercise a lot and take out time to keep fit and maintain my physique,” he said.

PHOTOS: Checkout Joseph Yobo's Sexy Wife As She Steps Out In Ripped Jeans

PHOTOS: Checkout Joseph Yobo's Sexy Wife As She Steps Out In Ripped Jeans.... Adaeze Yobo looks so cute is sexy ripped jeans.... 

PHOTOS: Kourtney Blast Sister, Kim Kardashian Over Nude Photos

"Pregnant Kourtney thinks it wasn't right for Kim to take everything off - knowing daughter North will one day see the photos. She thinks it’s disgusting, especially since she is a mother now. She doesn’t understand why Kim would go completely nude knowing that one day little North is going to see it and think it’s alright to pose nude, too.” A source told In Touch

PHOTO: Nigerian Comedian, AY's Movie Beats Hollywood Movies At The Cinemas

PHOTO: Nigerian Comedian, AY's Movie Beats Hollywood Movies At The Cinemas.... After 3 weeks of its release at the cinemas, AY's Movie 30 Days in Atlanta has broken major box office records. The movie beat 4 other Hollywood movies to remain Number 1 at Genesis Deluxe Cinema's Top 5 block buster movies.....

This is really amazing. Congrats Bro......

Friday, November 21, 2014

PHOTOS: Singer, Harrysong Acquires Brand Hummer H2 SUV (BIG BOY!!!)

PHOTOS: Singer, Harrysong Acquires Brand Hummer H2 SUV (BIG BOY!!!).... Mr. Songz just got himself a brand new Hummer H2 SUV. Congrats man....

Read Vincent Enyeama's Heartwarming Message To All Nigerians After AFCON Exit

PHOTOS: Olamide Blasts Wizkid On Instagram (SEE THIS)

Wizkid recently posted a pix on his N100k Zanotti Shoes. Olamide posted the picture above recently on his Instagram about friends who oppress their friends with a Zanotti shoe. Hmmmm.... Is the dude beefing Wizkid?

16 Signs You Need To Have Sex, ASAP (MUST READ)

by Kristen Droesch
Our gifs only want to help.

So it’s been a little while since you got laid. That’s okay; we’ve all been there. But while you weather out this dry spell, take a peak at our list of the signs that you seriously need to havesex as soon as possible. You know, for inspiration!
1. You’ve forgotten how it feels to be turned on.
2. Crude jokes make you laugh way too hard.
3. You’ve been channeling your sexual frustration too deeply into other pursuits.
4. You try to mask your loneliness with exuberance.
5. You like to do this in public bathrooms, because if you’re not having sex, no one else is either.
6. Your seduction skills are so rusty that this is your opening line in the bar:
7. And when that fails, you whip out this bad boy:
8. You address your genitals with the following:
9. This is you on a Saturday night:
10. You see someone attractive and all you can think is:
11. You would welcome human contact in any form.
12. A simple hug drives you up the wall.
13. This is you pretty much 24/7:
14. You friends regularly have to pull this move to get you to shut up about how long it’s been:
15. You massively misread signals on the regular.
16. When you finally get laid, your friends bring you this cake:

PHOTOS: Supermodel, Lara Stone Poses NUDE For Fashion Magazine 'System'

Lara Stone gave birth to a baby boy in late December of last year. Being a supermodel, she got back into modeling with an underwear campaign for Calvin Klein that came out just months later over the summer. Behold the beauty and the abs:
 She models Calvin Klein underwear and her rock hard abs further in a new, unretouched shoot for fashion magazine System (follow them onTwitter).
In the forward to James Duigan’s book from the Clean & Lean series, Pregnancy Guide, Stone writes about her pregnancy and how she didn’t just snap back to pre-baby shape: “There is so much pressure these days to look fantastic during pregnancy and to lose the baby weight within days of leaving hospital. I have nothing against those who do, but it’s not normal.” She continues:
‘Your body changes hugely during a pregnancy and it takes time to go back,’ she says.
‘I’ve had lots of ups and downs regarding my body image over the past year. On every level I know I should just be happy to have a lovely healthy baby, and I do count my blessings every day.
‘But seeing articles about me that say: “She’s brave to go outside looking like that”, “She’s struggling with her baby weight”, “Is she pregnant again?”, or “She can kiss her career goodbye” is painful. And it sends a bad message to other women reading it, who may be feeling bad about their own baby weight.’
See her gorgeous unretouched System shoot below.
(via Cosmo)