“I Don’t Regret My Past” – Kcee

According to him, “I don’t regret the things I have done, I regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance to do them.”
Though not yet confirmed as he is yet to speak about it, recently, the onetime member of defunct KCPresh musical duo, reconciled his marital crisis with wife, Ijeoma, the mother of his two adorable kids.
Kcee who has been traveling both within and outside the country promoting his songs is leaving no stone unturned as he continues to keep up with the test of time in the Nigerian music industry.
The singer has currently been touring some states in Nigeria to promote his new song ‘Ogarayanya featuring Davido.’

Fashion Police To Return In 2015.. Without Joan Rivers.

After Joan Rivers’ death on Sept. 4, the fate of her E! show, “Fashion Police,” was unclear. Following a few weeks of uncertainty, the network has issued a statement, announcing that the show will continue to air. “Fashion Police” will return in 2015 for Golden Globes coverage on Jan. 12:
We are deeply saddened by the loss of Joan Rivers and, for the last two weeks, have turned our attention to honoring her memory on all of our platforms. We have also thought long and hard about what Joan would have wanted as it pertains to the future of Fashion Police. We decided, with Melissa Rivers’ blessing (Joan Rivers’ Daughter), that Joan would have wanted the franchise to continue. Fashion Police will return in 2015 commencing with Golden Globes coverage on Monday, January 12. No further details will be announced at this time.
The show’s most recent hosts included Rivers, George Kotsiopoulos, Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne. At the time of Rivers’ death, Rancic she spoke about the future of “Fashion Police,” and said, “A lot of that will be up to [Melissa] and how she’s feeling and how she decides what she wants to do, along with the execs here at E! There is no word now — they are seeing what Fashion Police looks like without Joan.” Rancic told ABC News, “A part of me is like Joan would want Melissa and us and the team to go on and I know she would, but it’s just a matter of can there be a show without Joan? Do we want to do a ‘Fashion Police’ without Joan? I don’t know.”

Singer, Oritse Femi Reveals Proud Mother (PHOTOS).

Oritse femi took to his social media page to reveal his mother whom he is so proud of and also describing her as the best mother ever, admitting that she is proud of what he is doing
Recall that the ‘Double Wahala’ crooner, earlier in the year lost his father and since then, has been trying to cover the vacuum left by his father to make sure that his mum is always happy at all times.
Just within the week, the singer signed a new multimillion naira management deal with Avarta, who will be in charge of his management.

TB Joshua Will Suffer But Not Die – Congolese Prophet’s Own Revealations.

Checkout excerpts from his interview with Vanguard
On What God Revealed to Him..
T.B Joshua is a messiah. He is not a real human being. He is a special creator from God and it is only God that knows why he chose to use that body. There is likely no man of God who is spiritually endowed. It is only those who are filled with the spirit of God that can understand him and that is why demons tremble when they come close to him…. Again, I want to say T.B Joshua is the fulfillment of the promise of God in Mathew 21 verse 42 to 44.
God has shown me many Prophecies like the fall of the Catholic church and the fall of the Pope. I sent these prophecies via mail to SCOAN. I even call the church but nothing tangible has come out of it.
 Why did you send it to SCOAN and not the catholic church?
Well, I sent it to SCOAN because I had contact with them and I told some Pastors in Sweden but they did not believe me. I told them about the missing Malaysian airplane but they never listened to me. My
Challenge in Sweden is racism.
 Have you been able to speak with TB Joshua since Saturday?
No, his security officials were very arrogant. They go as far as pushing and treating you like a dog. They did not want me to talk. I was detained on Sunday around 8am till 9:45pm in a room with no water or food. My family did not know where I was. At 9:45pm, they told me to come back the next day that I will see the man of God. The next day, I was at Gate 5 as agreed. They began to push me here and there and when they saw that some people were attracted to the scene, theycarried me into the same room and locked me there. It was when I was released that my wife told me it was someone who saw us when we were walking into the church premises that told her and she began shouting and this led to my release.
Why do you think God sent you instead of somebody close to TB Joshua?
God has sent me to America to empower a man of God. I also got a revelation about President Obama and other pastors in Sweden prayed for him for two weeks.
 Have you met TB Joshua in spirit?
I met him in the spirit and in the throne of God.
It takes a spiritual person to understand who this man is. For me, I have to know you in the spirit to confirm whether or not you are a man of God. If TB Joshua were a white man, I believe, we will be paying nothing less than $10,000 to go and visit him. But, here in Nigeria, people don’t believe him and I am giving them another five years and they will know better when this man’s mission will be accomplished.
 Are you are saying, he has a mission to be accomplished in five years time and will be taken away like Enorch?
God will take him and everyone will see it. Then, the
people will know. But, until then.
Is that a fresh revelation?
It is not like a fresh revelation, but, the consequence of the threatening of his life. He will not be killed but he will suffer.
Are you saying all these to get the man’s attention, perhaps when the story is out, he will call you over?
No, I am not. I spoke with one of the man’s wise men called, “Wise man Daniel and made him understand that he was a prophet of T.B Joshua while I am a prophet of the Almighty God. He apologized immediately because he knew I was not kidding. I told him I will put the power of God to test in his presence so as to know that I am not an ordinary man. God will always rescue TB Joshua from any trouble but I am more concerned of the lives of the people that may perish if no preventive measure is taken. I am not in government but a spiritual leader, and whether people like it or not, I will be going back to my country. I have told God that, this would be my last time in Nigeria and I will not come back.
And what if God sends you to people like Adeboye, Kumuyi among others?
I don’t take a contact of someone I don’t know in the spirit. Many people call themselves men of God but in the real sense they are not. I can’t talk or authenticate someone who I have not met in the spirit.
What will happen if you are not able to see him?
This is my seventh visit to SCOAN and everything God has shown has happened. So, if I can’t get him this time, I will not come back.

Kemi Olunloyo Beaten To Coma By Her Sister and Her Son.

Daughter of former governor of Oyo State, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, posted a message on her twitter page through her publicist, that she was attacked and brutally beaten by her sister Funke and her son Fifehan Omitowoju.
According to her tweets, she said the incident occured around 5;15pm, in front of her Agodi residence….
Read the tweet below..

Japanese Porn Star’s Addiction To Plastic Surgery Turns Her Into Something Frightening (PHOTOS).

Japanese porn star turns into Harry Potter's Dobby
Rina Nanase has developed a decidedly elf-like appearance following surgery (Picture: EuroPics)
While he may have been an integral part of the Harry Potter series there still aren’t many people out there who would aspire to look like heroic house elf Dobby.
However, this Japanese porn star has been attracting comparisons to the character after undergoing an extensive regime of plastic surgery which left her with a decidedly elf-like appearance.
Rina Nanase – who has appeared in a string of saucy movies under her stage name Rumi Kanda – has spent several months keeping her Twitter followers informed of her various procedures, which have included nips and tucks to her nose, eyes and chin.
Rina Nanase elf-like looks
The adult film actress looked very different before going under the knife (Picture: Europics)
But her finished look has led to some suggesting she has gone too far in her bid to alter her appearance – with some comparing her to Dobby with others questioning her welfare. ‘She looked great before, the person before the surgery was very nice,’ commented one person, while another added: ‘Does she have an eating disorder?’Unsurprisingly, Rina has been quick to defend herself suggesting that her critics were ‘jealous’ of her new look which she unveiled online earlier this month. And while the general consensus appears to be that she looked better before the surgery, she clearly disagrees – having previously taken to the social media site to complain about her weight and what she referred to as her ‘beady eyes’.

New Born Baby Is Rescued From Toilet Pipes After Being Flushed Down (PHOTOS).

A new born baby has been rescued after she mother gave birth to her and allegedly stuffed her into a toilet pipe.
The mother of the child, who remains unnamed, is reportedly a student in Linyi University in Shandong province in eastern China.
It is believed that the mother gave birth to the child in the toilet on Sunday, September 14, 2014 and flushed the baby down the toilet of the fourth floor of the university building.
Rescue came for the child when students heard a her crying through the pipes leading away from the bathroom in the student dormitory.
Pictures have been made available to media showing the moment the baby was rescued from the 20 centimetre-wide toilet pipes by firemen. Firemen used an angle grinder to cut the pipes and push the baby up and out of the pipes to their colleagues.
Firefighters try to free the newborn baby girl (Photo Credit: Europics/ CEN)
“It was impossible to get the baby out from above,” said Tao Fang, spokesman for the fire brigade unit that responded to the distress call.
“She had fallen into the toilet and gone down the pipes were she had got stuck between the third and fourth floors.
We used an angle grinder to break open the pipeline on the third floor and we could then push the child up to colleagues on the fourth floor where she was handed to medics who were waiting to take her to hospital,” he explained
A photo shows a incredible image of the baby wedged between the pipes.
Pictures have emerged showing the moment a newborn baby was rescued after she was found stuffed in a pipe leading away from a university bathroom.
Police say that the mother has been identified and she has also been hospitalised. The police say they are waiting to question her before they would decide whether she would be charged for a crime.
This incident has caused an outcry in China, especially on social media platforms.
Newborn baby girl wedged inside the pipe from a university toilet (Photo Credit: Europics/ CEN)
Newborn baby girl wedged inside the pipe from a university toilet (Photo Credit: Europics/ CEN)

UNBELIEVABLE: Woman Walks On A Busy Road Wearing A G-String (PHOTOS).

That's one way to get attention! A French model walks down the streets of Lille with jeans painted on
At first glance this just looks like an ordinary woman wearing an, albeit very skinny, pair of jeans.
But look a little closer and you’ll see she’s actually wearing nothing from the waist down, save for a tiny G-string.
The French model allowed her her pal, make-up artist Marie “Marie P” Przybylski to paint on a pair of trusty blue jeans and then she went outside for a stroll.
Work of art: Makeup artist Marie paints a pair of blue faded jeans onto a model
The first shot of the model wearing a white g-string as Marie begins her makeover
Paired with a bra and shirt tied at the waist, the model, also named Marie, walked the streets of Lille in France, much to the confusion of onlookers.
The idea was thought up by students Sarah Baboro and David Lesage, who study PR at a school in Belgium.
Their homework assignment was to create a ‘Buzz video’ for their final exam – that is, one that would generate a lot of views and publicity.
And we hope they got top marks because they certainly fulfilled their brief.
The pair recruited make-up artist Marie P, who took two hours creating the faded blue jeans on Marie’s legs using body paint.
Paint job: Marie makes the finishing touches to her model in the impressive jeans she has painted on her legs
Rear shot: The model poses with her jeans painted on. The detail on the jeans makes them hard to tell they aren't real
Rear shot: The model poses with her jeans painted on. The detail on the jeans makes them hard to tell they aren’t real
She said: ‘I said yes because Sarah is a good friend of mine and body-painting is what I really enjoy as a make-up artist so I didn’t even think twice about saying yes!
‘It sounded like fun and I really really really enjoyed doing it.
‘The model, Marie, is a friend of Sarah’s too.’
Despite a couple of long stares, most people seemed not to notice the semi-nude woman standing right in front of them.
In a video of the event, which featured on Nerve, Marie paints the model all over her legs, groin and bum.
The shots are fast-tracked so you can see the transformation happening in just a couple of minutes.
The model then smiles, twirls and poses for the camera in just her bra and ‘jeans,’ then confidentaly takes to the streets of Lille.
As the camera follows her journey she clearly gets a few stares from passers by, though it’s unclear whether this is because they’ve caught onto the fact she’s wearing painted on jeans and nothing else, or if they are simply admiring an attractive women in a tight-fitting pair of trousers

SAD: Boko Haram Kills Many In Market Attack In Borno.

Dozens of traders at a rural market in Borno State are feared dead and several others injured during an attack by Boko Haram members in the afternoon of Friday, September 19, 2014, eyewitnesses and security operatives have said.
According to witnesses, the gunmen, in their dozens attacked Mainok Village market in Kaga local government, at exactly 1:30pm desperately carting away food items and money from traders.
Mainok Village, which is about 60km away from Maiduguri, has suffered several attacks, especially by Boko Haram gunmen who normally attack it on market days.
An eyewitness, Alloy Ikechukwu, who was travelling through the village as the attack was on told newsmen in Maiduguri that he say the insurgents shooting sporadically and people fleeing the market, some falling and bleeding.
“I boarded a luxury bus from Lagos and as soon as we arrived Mainok at exactly 1.30pm, we heard heavy gunshots from the western part of the market and sporadic gunshots followed. Hundreds of traders and residents fled the market in confusion, running to cross the highway to the other side while vehicles passing through the town were also making attempts to flee the town. It was such a confusion,” he said.
“Many people may have been killed, judging from the way the insurgents were shooting at the crowd,” he said. He also said many of the fleeing villagers were hit by vehicles speeding away from the area. He said he saw them falling and bleeding. “Vehicles were hitting one another and the Boko Haram kept shooting,” he added.
A senior security operative who also witnessed the attack said: “The attackers first fired rapid propelled grenade into the middle of the market before they started firing into the midst of the confused traders,” he said.
“The death toll may be high, because there were many people in the market and the amount of shooting that we heard before we began to flee would certainly affect many people,” he said.
Security officials are yet to officially comment on the attack.

Couple Caught Having Oral Sex On Church’s Lawn During A Service (PICTURED).

A couple in Salt Lake City, Utah were arrested in the middle of a wedding Sunday for having sex on the church lawn.
The wedding party caught Wilson Benally, 56, engaging in a sex act with 60-year-old Sandra Kruser outside of Sacred Heart Catholic Church around 6pm.
One horrified wedding guest ran out into the street to stop a police car to break up the couple.
The worst kind of wedding crashers: Wilson Benally, 56, was caught having oral sex with 60-year-old Sandra Kruser on a church lawn in the middle of a wedding on Sunday.
The officer who witnessed the sex act wrote in his report that ‘Mr Benally had his tongue and finger inside of Ms Krusens [sic] vagina’.
He initally tried ordering them to stop, but was forced to pry them apart when they didn’t listen.
At least four children in the wedding party saw witnessed Benally and Kruser at it.
The two were booked at county jail and each charged with gross lewdness and public intoxication. Benally received an extra charge of criminal trespass.
The couple remain in jail with Benally on $2,313 bond and Kruser on $2,093 bond.
Both have criminal records and Benally has been behind bars in Salt Lake a shocking 102 times. Kruser has been booked on 15 different occasions.
Innocents: The incident happened outside of Sacred Heart Catholic Church where four children were part of the wedding party
Innocents: The incident happened outside of Sacred Heart Catholic Church where four children were part of the wedding party.

5 Secret Spots On Your Woman That Will Drive Her Wild.

Today, I’m going to be specific and discuss some little known areas of a woman that are very sensitive and can be very pleasurable, but most people don’t know about. Of course you need to learn how to touch sensually, but if you do, these spots just may open a lot of doors of pleasure for your lady. So, without further ado, here are five sensitive areas on a woman, that will give her immense pleasure if you touch her right:
5. Inside of the elbow- very few people realize just how sensitive the inside area of joints are. The inside of the elbow is sensitive, but not as sensitive as #4…..
4. Inside of the knee- this is a very sensitive, sensual area. You can actually make a woman wet and ready for intercourse just by rubbing and licking the inside of her knee. Skeptical? Try it and thank me later.
3. Feet- what woman doesn’t love a good foot rub? The entire pseudo-science of reflexology is based on the nerve endings in the foot. Learn to give a good foot massage, and your lady will be dying to be intimate with you.
2. Hands- the hands is how we relate to the world in a tactile way. We use our hands to communicate, to greet people, to express our thoughts. Hands, also can be used as a great way to build intimacy. Reach over to hold your lady’s hand, intertwine your fingers, squeeze her hand lightly, then more tightly, rub her fingers, then rub her palm. This can all be done while talking or walking down the street or sitting in a movie theater. In other words, the way you touch your woman’s hands can be a substitute for verbal language and a communication of your feelings and affection. Show your affection through the way you touch your lady’s hands, and she’ll lead you into the bedroom.
1. Back of the neck- this is by far the most powerful place to touch a woman in a non-erogenous area. There is a hardwired biological reflex to being touched or held at the back of the neck. If you take a look at the animal kingdom, most animals hold and carry their offspring by the back of the neck. It stirs a primal feeling of being owned and dominated. When you are becoming intimate with your woman, lightly clasp a bundle of her hair at the base of her neck- without fail I have observed that a shiver will run through her body. If she’s enjoying it, tighten your grip, her whole body may quiver in anticipation of what’s coming next. Remember- only go as far as your woman allows and enjoys. In my experience, this is an area of her body that never fails to respond.

‘Jail Humbled Me’ – Chris Brown Finally Opens Up.

Chris Brown who spent three months in a Los Angeles jail earlier this year for a probation violation charge, spoke about being behind bars and how it changed him for the better.
“It was definitely one of the things I’ll never forget,” Brown told Mario Lopez about the humbling experience.
“For me, I just learned that nobody’s invincible, everybody’s equal, at the same time no amount of celebrity status, no amount of how many fans love you, no amount of anything can deter you away from the real if you make a mistake and nobody’s excusable…
‘I think for me it was a humbling experience for me to become a man and mature.”
Brown, who recently released his sixth studio album X, was honest about his post-jail physique.
“My normal weight is like 180 and I was 215 when I got out of jail,” Brown admitted.
“I couldn’t fit in my jeans, fit in my clothes. I was scared to go out, I was like, ‘Man, people will see me and I look fat,’ so after a while I went and played a lot of basketball, a lot of cardio.
“I was always dancing, always dancing, trying to get my body back.”
The 25-year-old, who was disgracefully charged with assault after beating up then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, said controlling his anger is still a work in progress.
“I see my therapist twice a week, it’s amazing and I was at first adamant about it, like, ‘I don’t want to go to therapy, I’m not going to talk to anybody,’ but as I went through it and kept talking, it’s actually very therapeutic.”
The “Forever” singer went on to say therapy has been an advantage.
“For me it was more of an opportunity for me to understand my feelings and understand what I was dealing with in my own life,” he said.
“I didn’t know how to express myself without it being anger or aggression because I felt a certain way, but now it’s more of me being able to control it and understand it.”

Power Couple Beyonce And Jay Z Working On Joint Album.

There are rumors that Jay Z and Beyoncé are currently working on a joint album after the great success of their joint On the Run tour.
Beyoncé , 33, and Jay Z, 44, just wrapped up their joint tour in Paris over the weekend.
She was in tears as they ended their “On the Run” stadium tour Saturday night in Paris, where they said they got engaged years ago.
They also told the audience at Stade de France that Paris was also where their 2-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, was conceived.
“We love Paris. It’s special to us because we got engaged here and this is where baby Blue was conceived,” the rap star said.
Meanwhile, insiders claim the album will be released in late 2014 or early 2015.
Popular radio host DJ Skee publicised the news on is Dash Radio show yesterday claiming ‘I have confirmed and talked to a couple sources’.

SAD: Man Commits Suicide In Ekiti

After two failed attempts to kill himself in the last three years, a man said to be in his 30s named Mundiu (pictured above) finally succeeded in killing himself yesterday September 19th.
 According to Sun News, Mundiu killed himself in the hall way of his compound in Ayede-Ekiti community in Oye local government of Ekiti state around in the early hours of yesterday morning.

According to one of his neighbors, Muntiu had always complained of being poor and unsuccessful and was said to be very frustrated. A day before he killed himself, he mentioned to neighbours that they will be witnessing drama on Friday but no one knew he was talking about him killing himself...         
              "He used to complain about the fact that he was very poor and living a wretched life, that he wasn’t making money to take care of himself. Two months ago, he had an okada (motor­cycle) accident that almost claimed his life. He was moved out of the community for treat­ment. Two weeks ago, we learnt that he was dead but just three days ago, we sighted him in the community. Yesterday (Thurs­day), people heard him saying that by today (Friday) the peo­ple of Ayede community would witness an amazing drama. No one really read any meaning to what he was saying. We didn’t know that he was referring to this suicidal action”, a resident of the area said Another neighbour of the deceased said the first time he tried killing himself, it was his father who was alive then that saved him Mundiu. He also tried killing himself the second time by jumping into the river in Lokoja “It was past 12 midnight this morning, a deaf neighbour of the deceased, who we call Taiwo, raised the alarm that he saw something strange and alerted others to come and see it. We were asking him what it was that happened but because he could not hear us, he didn’t answer us. All we did was to just follow him to where he was directing our attention to. Eventually, he took us to where the deceased had hanged himself. He was already dead by that time. So, we just left him as you have seen him. We immediately called the police but as you can see, they haven’t come. Mundiu had attempted sui­cide two times before now. The first time, he had tried to hang himself but thankfully, his fa­ther caught him and stopped it. Since then, his father had kept the rope as an object of re­membrance. Now his father is dead and could not witness this abominable act, he has eventu­ally committed. His second attempt at kill­ing himself was a time we were told he just jumped into a river. That happened in Lokoja, Kogi State. God had brought people on time to rescue him. This was his third time and no one was there to stop him, “ the neigh­bour said.

TRAGIC: Accident On College Road, Ikeja.

A speeding car swerved off the road in the early hours of this morning and crashed into a pole and stall on a street on College Road in Ogba, Ikeja. Fortunately, the guy suspected to be drunk, survived the crash but his car was totaled. See photos below:

Lagos Roads Blocked As President Goodluck Arrives For PDP Rally.

According to reports, President Goodluck Jonathan in expected to arrive in Lagos today.
The president is said to be visiting the commercial hub to attend a political rally organized by the top echelon of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the South-West.
The event, tagged “Unity Rally”, is supposedly being organized in support of Jonathan’s 2015 re-election bid.
Some roads in Lagos have reportedly been blocked in preparation for the president’s arrival.
The Lagos bus transit service, LAGBUS revealed via Twitter (@LAGBUSOfficial) that:
“President Goodluck Jonathan is expected in Lagos this afternoon. As a result, roads around TBS and CMS area have been closed off.”
Reports filtering in via social media also have it that other roads on Lagos island, including Adeniji Adele road, have been blocked.
The rally is expected to begin at 10 am at the Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS), Lagos and the news of the president’s visit has been confirmed by Minister of State for Defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, and the Lagos PDP via Twitter.
Obanikoro said:
Senator Musiliu Obanikoro welcomes President Goodluck Jonathan to Lagos State... #WinningTogether
The Lagos PDP tweeted:
President Jonathan set to visit Lagos PDP families today @TeamAgbaje2015. #Teamjaykay. WE ARE ONE @PDPTheBestParty
Also expected at the rally are Vice President Namadi Sambo, PDP National Chairman, Alhaji Adamu Mu’Azu, members of the party’s National Working Committee (NWC), Senate President, David Mark and other chieftains of the party.

BREAKING NEWS: Keysha Cole Arrested For Assaulting Woman In Birdman's Condo.

Keyshia Cole spent a not-so-pleasant Friday morning in jail ... after allegedly assaulting a woman who apparently spent the night with Keyshia's rumored BF.
Keyshia showed up at the swanky Carlyle condo complex in West L.A. at around 5 AM. We're told she went there to see Birdman -- the CEO of Cash Money -- who she's reportedly dating.
Our sources say ... for some reason security let her go up to Birdman's penthouse and when she got in she saw another woman and went nuts.
We're told Keyshia attacked her ... leaving scratches all over her face.
Cops were called ... and Keyshia was arrested for battery and an outstanding reckless driving warrant.
She was just released on $46,000 bail.
We called Keyshia's rep ... so far no comment.

August Alsina, Singer Out Of 3-Day Coma [PHOTOS].

R&B singer August Alsina has finally woke up from a three day coma after suffering a shocking seizure at his "Testimony Live" tour in Los Angeles on Monday.
The singer was taken out on a stretcher to a near by hospital, but was alert enough to wave to fans on his way out. His rep stated, Thursday, that he's in ICU at the New York City hospital where he's currently been treated for the siezure.
Few minutes ago, on Friday Sept. 19, the singer has posted a graphic photo showing him on a hospital bed with a friend holding his hand and looking like he's very happy to see him alive again.
He captioned his image:
"This is a bit graphic but i wanted to share this w/ every follower of mine. I woke up out of a 3 day coma... &This guy @banggang_moneyteam right here never once left my side. What I'm tryna say is cherish the ones in life who cherish you & take good care of yourself. Your life can be gone in a split second'. I'm recovering well and thankyou for all of your prayers & concerns. -Yung"
Doctors' rep stated nothing besides marijuana was found in the singer's system and he'll remain in intensive care till he gets better and fit to return home.
Meanwhile his friends, 2Chainz and Teyana Taylor - with him on tour - both sent recovery messages to the singer via Twitter earlier this week.
We thank God!

Man Sells His Wife To Juju Men For N800K.

A man in Plateau state has been arrested by the police after he allegedly sold his wife to ritualists for N800,000.
Maimako Shephang is said to have deceived his wife, Agnes into going to fetch firewood but when they arrived at a wooded area, he allegedly handed her over to two men in masks.
However, the deal supposedly got cancelled because the “Juju men” wanted a virgin.
According to the State Commissioner of Police, CP Nasiru Oki:
 “I asked the man how much he sold his wife for and he said eight hundred thousand naira (N800, 000) and was paid the sum of four hundred thousand naira (N400, 000) so far.
The man who is currently awaiting trial however blamed the devil for his action and asked me to pray for him.”
The spokesperson for the Plateau state police force, Abuh Emmanuel told AFP:
 “The man lured his wife to a bush under the pretext of fetching firewood and sold her to two ritualists for 800,000 naira.
 “When the ritualists discovered that the woman was the man’s wife, they asked her to go because she could not be used for the sacrifice,”
“The suspects are in our custody and will be taken to court for criminal conspiracy and an attempted murder,”
He added that the man and his two cohorts had been arrested after the man’s wife reported the case to the police.

OMG!!! Man Puts Metal Balls In His Penis For Better Sex.

A man in Malaysia is said to have embedded 10 metal ball bearings in his penis so he could have better sex.
The 44-year-old, identified simply as Ramli, was advised to undergo the procedure by a friend who claimed to have done it too, The Times Live reports.
However, after putting the balls into his penis, he couldn’t get an erection for 6 months and he had to have them removed.
He said:
“My private part swelled up for three days but I endured the pain and didn’t see a doctor,”
Ramli however said that the trick worked for a while and he satisfied many women but after he began to feel pain, a doctor warned that he could become impotent.
The ball bearings had to be surgically removed after Ramly supposedly peeled off part of the skin with a knife and planted the ball bearings around the base of his penis.