Bruce Jenner Lights One For 65th Birthday.

Bruce Jenner treated himself to a fresh coat for his 65th birthday.Jenner was tooling around Malibu Tuesday when he lit up a cigarette, revealing the fire engine red nails.It looks like he nailed up to celebrate the milestone ... his nails were unpainted earlier in the day.What's really weird about this ... we've never seen Bruce -- a die-hard health fiend -- with a cigarette before. He's been in shape his entire adult life ... formerly known as the greatest athlete in the world.

Woman Stripped Half Naked For Theft.

A female shoplifter was stripped to her waist by a merciless store owner after she was caught stealing in her store. The shoplifter, 28 year old Yu Chung, went into the store in China's Zhejiang province to buy clothes and stuffed some into her bag without paying for them.
The angry store owner, 39 year old Mei Hsueh, who caught her red handed, descended on her, removed her top to prevent her from running away, then removed her bra and pushed her outside of her store. Of course a crowd gathered to watch, some took photos and shared them online...

"This thief was trying to steal my clothes to I took off some of hers.She'll think twice before she does that again. It was meant to be a warning to all those thieves out there to show them that not all shops are a pushover." the store owner said. 
The police was eventually called and Yu was taken away. She has been charged with theft but no action was taken against the shop owner.

K-Switch's Baby Mama Storms His Lekki Home, Security Refuses To Let Her In.

This happened on the 28th of this month afternoon So D'banj's younger brother Kayswitch's baby mama, Meena Subramani, stormed his home in Lekki Phase1 demanding to see him, but for some reason, the security guards wouldn't open the gates. Meena, who got there by taxi and was carrying their 7 months old baby, started banging on the gate, shouting at security men and screaming that KaySwitch should come out and face her. She made a lot of allegations as she was screaming but I will leave that out for now.

The house belongs to D'banj but he's currently not in Nigeria. Nobody came out of the house for the hour or so Meena was outside creating a scene. She has since left.
I tried to reach Kayswitch to find out what happened but his phone was switched off.

Ebola Vaccine Trials To Commence In Switzerland This Week.

AFP Ebola vaccine trials are set to start in Switzerland this week after receiving the green light from the country’s authorities, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Tuesday.
Swiss regulators announced they would allow trials of an experimental vaccine made by Britain’s GlaxoSmithKine, and tests on some 120 individuals were set to get under way at the CHUV hospital in Lausanne Friday, the hospital said.
“We have never before received so many volunteers so quickly,” Blaise Genton, who heads CHUV’s infectuous disease division, told reporters.
He said the volunteers, who must be between the ages of 18 and 65, were mainly medical students and would all receive 800 Swiss francs ($845, 665 euros) for their participation.
Genton stressed they would receive payment for their time, since they would be spending “numerous hours with us”.
Most of the volunteers will receive the experimental GSK vaccine called ChAd3, which is based on a genetically modified chimpanzee adenovirus, but 20 of them would receive a placebo he said.

Church Cancels Funeral After Seeing This Obituary PHOTO Of The Deceased.

Widow Bonnie Frazer (left) and daughter Cheryl Stinson are feeling the sting of being rejected by St. Patrick Church cancelling Larry Frazer's funeral on September 25 in Saskatoon because of what he was wearing in this picture. (Photo Credit: Richard Marjan/Starphoen)
A Saskatoon widow scrambled to find a new venue for her husband’s funeral after a local church cancelled her booking based on how the deceased looked in his obituary. Cheryl Stinson says her family was set to hold a memorial for her stepfather, Larry Frazer, at the St. Patrick Parish Centre hall on Sept. 29, until the church cancelled the booking on Monday. The worst part is why the church cancelled, Stinson said in an interview.
“The funeral home called her Monday and told her the church saw Larry’s picture in the paper and because of what they saw they ‘do not want his kind there’ so she couldn’t have the hall,” Stinson said in an interview. “My mother was extremely upset, of course.”
Widow Bonnie Frazer and daughter Cheryl Stinson are feeling the sting of being rejected by St. Patrick Church cancelling Larry Frazer’s funeral on September 25 in Saskatoon because of what he was wearing in this picture. (Photo Credit: Richard Marjan/Starphoen)
On Thursday, church officials apologized for the comment, which they attributed to a volunteer responsible for booking the hall.
In the obituary photo, Frazer has a mohawk haircut and wears a T-shirt displaying the words “Sons of Anarchy,” a television show about a biker gang. Stinson said she suspects the volunteer thought Larry was a gang member, which she said is a ridiculous idea.
“I just want people to know what happened, and an apology for my mom,” Stinson said. “I can’t believe anybody would do this to someone who just lost her husband.”
Father Gerard Cooper of the St. Patrick Parish Centre said he wasn’t aware of the situation until Thursday, when he learned a volunteer had cancelled the booking. He said the decision was an “error in judgment” and doesn’t reflect parish policies.
I just want people to know what happened, and an apology for my mom
“We do not say ‘no’ to anyone for a funeral service … The gospel we preach doesn’t judge,” Cooper said in an interview. “We extend our deepest apologies to Larry’s family.”
He added that the family planned to rent the hall in the church’s basement and did not request the presence of a priest, which is why he didn’t learn of the situation until later in the week.
A church volunteer made the comments to an employee of the funeral home organizing Larry’s service when she called to get more details about the service, said Blake Sittler, director of pastoral services for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon. He said the funeral home then relayed the comments to Frazer.
“It was a serious error in judgment,” Sittler said in an interview, adding that it’s unclear why the volunteer cancelled the booking.
“The statement was made, and that’s what we want to apologize for,” Sittler said.
The diocese learned of the cancellation late Wednesday, he added.
There is no policy about who we will and won’t serve. We’ve done funerals for all kinds of people.
It’s not clear how the conversation went from discussing memorial service details to comments about the man’s appearance, Sittler said.
“That’s kind of what we are wondering too,” he said. “There is no policy about who we will and won’t serve. We’ve done funerals for all kinds of people.
“I assume it was the Tshirt the volunteer was scared of. I don’t know. I feel bad because I think it was a real unfortunate error in judgment to prejudge him like that.”
Larry died from a superbug infection and medical complications, Stinson said. A service will be held Sept. 29 at the Royal Canadian Legion on Spadina Crescent.

Wizkid’s Ladylove Shows Him Massive Support (PHOTOS).

Beside every successful man is a woman.
Every man needs a supportive woman by his side and Wizkid is lucky to have one.
The singer and his girlfriend, Tania Omotayo, were at the Hennessy Artistry club tour in Club MVP, Lekki over the weekend.
Omotayo sang along and gave some dance moves while Wizkid performed with 2face.
See photos:

INSANE: 60-Year-Old Security Man Rapes 3-Year-Old And Records It On Phone.

For allegedly raping a 3-year-old daughter of his employer and recording the indecent act on his phone, a 60-year-old security guard in Abuja, is currently cooling his randy heels in the police cell.
The grand father whose name was given as Zubeiru, is telling the police why he undertook such a venture and having a record of his shameful deed for keeps.
On how he was arrested, the police informed that two weeks after the act, some housemaids who work in the same home where the man guards, borrowed Zubeiru’s mobile phone to listen to music and watch movies. After playing music, the ladies watched the video recordings on the phone and stumbled on the sordid clip.
The shocked ladies waited until the following morning to bring the video of the assault to the attention of their boss and mother of the little girl.
The surprised parents of the child quietly invited the police who later arrested the culprit.
At the station, the accused was confronted with the video of the assault. On watching the disgusting act on the mobile phone, the police asked the security man why he engaged in such shameful act which he denied.
In order to get the facts of the matter and reconcile the doubts, the police ordered for a medical examination on the little girl to confirm their doubts, which later showed signs of the abuse on her.
They also carried out other medical tests on her to be sure there is no damage to her system.
After obtaining the initial report, the police again interviewed the suspect who still maintained that he never engaged in the act. Because Zubeiru could not admit committing the offence, police detained him pending when the other medical examination results are out.
The mother of the girl who said she has been devastated by the incident, said her daughter had two weeks ago, complained of pains on her genital.
According to the woman:
I really cannot believe that this old man can do this kind of thing to my child because he works as our security man. I really do not like his attitude as a person because of the way he behaves. He sometimes acts like one that is mentally unstable and on several occasions, I had warned him to stop giving sweets to my children.
I remember that some two weeks ago, my daughter complained of pains after urinating. I examined her and noticed something unusual, but not much to raise my suspicion.
But I recall asking her if anybody touched her, but as a little child, she did not tell me anything and I did not in my wildest imagination think that a man touched her, so I just treated her and forgot about it. I never suspected this kind of expensive joke.
On the day they brought the phone to me, it was very early in the morning, I had not woken up, but they kept knocking on my door asking to see me. They narrated how they borrowed the handset from the guard the previous night.
I got so mad after watching the clip that I wanted to fight him, but my husband advised me not to act harshly because that would make him run away and it would be difficult for us to arrest him.
The suspect has not given reasons why he  recorded the wicked act but  the matter has been reported to the police. The clip also showed the little girl protesting to be left alone, while the man engaged in the despicable act.

BREAKING NEWS: Zambian President, Michael Sata Dies At 77.

The President of Zambia, Michael Sata is dead.
Sata died on Tuesday, October 28, at the King Edward VII hospital in London where he was undergoing treatment for an unspecified ailment.
The 77-year-old ruler  took office in 2011 and was nicknamed "King Cobra" for his fiery tongue and larger-than-life personality.
A source told Reuters:
"It is true. We lost the President. The acting president will make a statement soon."
Sata’s passing was announced on the country's national radio and reported by the government-owned Zambia Daily Mail but an official cause of death has not been revealed.

Actress Ini Edo Acquires N70M House In Lekki.

Nollywood actress Ini Edo has just bought herself a new house in Lekki which is said to have cost about N70M.
According to reports by E24-7 magazine the actress recently bought the Lekki mansion for herself and moved out of the house she and her ex-husband Phillip Ehiagwina shared.
Ini Edo's new Lekki Mansion  
Ini Edo's new Lekki Mansion  Ini Edo who is now single as a result of a messy divorce between herself and ex-husband is unfazed by the crash of her marriage; or so it seems. Just last weekend Ini was in Texas, US where she attended the GIAMA awards alongside other Nollywood celebrities.

BOKO HARAM: Terrorists Deny Post-Ceasefire Attacks.

Terrorist sect, Boko Haram is said to have denied involvement in the recent attacks purportedly carried out by the sect after it supposedly agreed to a ceasefire with Nigeria.
Foreign Affairs Minister, Aminu Wali stated on Monday, October 27 that members of the group had attributed the post-ceasefire attacks to “other rogues and criminals”, Reuters reports.
Wali said this while assuring that negotiations were still ongoing between Nigeria and Boko Haram to secure the release of the over 200 girls abducted by the group in April.
The minister stated further that the continued violence after the announcement of the deal would not jeopardize the talks to free the girls.
He told journalists after a meeting French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius:
"There are still negotiations going on and we expect a lot of progress to be made. Soon we will announce exactly where we are."
"Boko Haram are saying that those ones (attacks) were done by other rogues and criminals ... Kidnapping has being going on in Nigeria for some time ... by miscreants."
"But certainly this is not something that will threaten the negotiations going on. And we will make an effort also to bring back those that have been kidnapped."
The Nigerian government announced on October 17 that a ceasefire agreement had been reached with Boko Haram but the battle for supremacy between the country’s troops and the sect have continued.

Wizkid Responds To Alleged Arrest For Smoking Illegal Substance In Kenya.

Wizkid was reportedly arrested in Kenya last weekend, a Kenyan website has reported.
Standard Digital News says the Nigerian pop singer was arrested for smoking in a non-smoking hotel.
Just last weekend Wizkid who wrapped up the shooting of music video with Victoria Kimani, Del B and Patrick Elis was lodged in the Nairobi Crown Plaza Hotel. The 'Joy' singer was travelling from Kenya back to Lagos where he was scheduled to appear for the Hennessey Artistry Club Tour 2014 and while checking out of his hotel room was accosted for smoking illegal substances in a hotel that prohibited smoking of any sort.
Chocolate City artiste Victoria Kimani came to his rescue after he was made to pay a fine of Sh 50,000 ($560). Though Wizkid was released and made it to Lagos, Victoria on the other hand wasn't so lucky.
Reacting to the report however, Wizkid via his manager Seun Johnson in a telephone conversation with Ynaija said “Nothing of such happened. It is all rumour, rumors keep churning out everyday, it didn’t happen.”
Also, a source who was privileged to be on the alleged cancelled flight with Wizkid told Ynaija “I was on that same flight with him,  he didn’t cancel any flight, it was only delayed. He was on that flight which left Nairobi at about 4pm.“

Fuji Legend KWAM 1 To Hold Unusual Concert Featuring 2face, Olamide And Others.

Music lovers around the country can begin to mark their calendars to Friday, November 21 when Eko hotel convention centre gets set to host the biggest selection of Nigerian artistes, as music legend KWAM1 announces his latest concert ‘K1 Live Unusual’.
‘K1 Live Unusual’ will be the first concert of this kind, hosted by the King of comedy himself, Alibaba, while popular comedian Buchi will bring the comic entertainment.
Expect to hear some of your favorite ‘old-school’ records like “Baby mi show colour re”, “Talazo system”, “Omo Naija” and “Eyo” from the 57yr old maestro who is behind a couple of our country’s most celebrated hits.
The concert is anticipated to attract thousands with celebrity disc jockey, DJ Jimmy Jatt live on the turntables, and performances by multi-award winner 2face Idibia, vocal powerhouse Omawumi, the Afro-beat and Jazz icon Lagbaja, and the distinguished Adewale Ayuba.
Hot new sensation, Olamide, who takes some of his inspiration from the King of Nigerian music, and has also featured him on his hit single ‘State of the Nation’, will also be performing alongside musical royalty, Sir Shina Peters and Sir Victor Olaiya, all on the same night.
More artistes and sponsors are also expected to be revealed.
The all-star concert will be followed by an exclusive after-party held at Nigeria’s most prestigious club, Quilox, and is fully supported by the Lagos State Government, Lagos State Signage & Advertisement Agency (LASAA) and media partners HipTV.

2015 ELECTIONS: Ben Murray-Bruce Declares For Senate.

The Chairman of the Silverbird Group, Mr. Ben Murray-Bruce has declared his intention to contest the 2015 Senatorial elections.
Mr. Murray-Bruce is seeking to represent Bayelsa East Senatorial District in the National Assembly.
The former Director General of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) is expected to contest on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
Murray-Bruce said:
“I am running for the Senate because I am interested in the laws of our land; I am interested in making change and I am not interested in business as usual.
“I have always been concerned about the poverty of the mind, about women who are not being protected, children who are being raped, men who are paedophiles, a society where there is no order; we must bring order to our society.
“There are too many poor people living under the bridge. Nigeria is too rich for people to be poor and Nigeria is too poor for the super upper class to be so rich. That has to stop.”
The Silverbird boss sought to contest the 2011 governorship elections, also on the platform of the PDP, but was disqualified by the party.
He will compete with Dr. Daru Owei, a former General Manager of the Nigerian Agip Oil Company, to win the PDP ticket.

POLITICS: Kwankwaso Declares Presidential Ambition.

Kano State Governor, Musa Rabiu Kwankwaso has declared his intention to run for the office of president in the 2015 elections.
Kwankwaso made a formal announcement today at a rally in Abuja and is expected to contest on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC)
He will go head to head with former military ruler, Muhammadu Buhari and ex-Vice President, Atiku Abubakar at the party’s primaries to win the sole ticket.

PHOTO: This Is Your Opportunity To Be Part Of Africa's Biggest Movie In 2014

The fact that Kate Henshaw is ONGA Ambassador shows you that she's  a seasoned actress. So Then u can be one in this Seasoned Movie.
Counting Down to the Audition....

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Read What Sexy Actress, Halima Abubakar Said About SEX

orn in Kano, Nigeria, Halima Abubakar is one of Nigeria’s finest acting talents. Halima spent her early years in Kano and Kogi states attending several primary schools in the process.This graduate of Bayero University kano, has a degree in sociology from the same University.

The beautiful actress took to her Instagram page this morning to advice young girls about s ex, telling them to say no to sex....

PHOTOS: Meet 19yr-old Sex Hitchhiker Who Says She Plans To Sleep With Different Men In Every City She Visits

19 year old Chinese girl, Ju Peng who lives in Shanghai, and is currently on tour of China, says she plans to have s*x with different men in every city she visits – as a way of paying for her trip.

She posted an ad on Chinese website Weibo saying she’s looking for “temporary boyfriends” who must be “good looking, under 30, taller than 1.75 metres and, of course, rich”.

“They will fund my transport to their city and all my expenses while I am there and they need to be generous.

In return, they get a whole night with me, my undivided attention, and a chance to show themselves off in the company of a truly beautiful girl.” Ju Peng wrote

PHOTO: Tonto Dikeh Is Looking For Someone To Come Suck Her Breast (See What She Posted Online)

You'd say she was damn so high while she posted this!!!! Tonto will never change......

WAR: As Governor Amaechi Replies Presidency "You Cannot Threaten Me!"


In the latest spate of accusation and counter-accusation, Amaechi reminded the Presidency that President Goodluck Jonathan is not his ‘Prefect’, noting that, he cannot threaten him of sanctions for criticizing the president for not attracting developmental projects to the state.

jonathan amaechi Amaechi Replies Presidency, You Cannot Threaten Me

The drama between Rivers state governor, Rotimi Amaechi and the presidency seems to have taken a new twist. In the latest spate of accusation and counter-accusation, Amaechi reminded the Presidency that President Goodluck Jonathan is not his ‘Prefect’, noting that, he cannot threaten him of sanctions for criticizing the president for not attracting developmental projects to the state.

The Presidency had angrily reacted to a claim made by Amaechi that the the cause of the frosty relationship between him and the Presidency was because President Goodluck Jonathan hates Rivers people and that the president ceded Soku oil wells in Kalabari to Bayelsa and 40 Etche oil wells also in Rivers to Abia state.

Amaechi also accused the wife of the president, Patience Jonathan of corruption. He said Patience wanted him to bring the money meant for Rivers people to Abuja.

In addition to that, Amaechi at a mega rally held in Port Harcourt on Saturday rubbished claims by President Jonathan that the All Progressive Congress (APC) was a party only on billboards.

And today, in his reply to the statement from the office of President Jonathan, which accused him of “Political rascality,” the Rivers State Commissioner for Information and Communication, Ibim Semenitari said Governor Amaechi is an elected official and not a mere ‘prefect’.

Semenitari also faulted Reuben Abati, the President’s spokesman for failing to get his facts right before publishing the statement despite his wealth of experience.

She added that Amaechi never mentioned the name of the President nor his wife during his speech at the rally.

Semenitari said, “I would want to say that the Presidential Spokesman should be careful for the kind of threats he issues to an elected Governor.

“He should remember that the President is not a prefect of the governor. He was elected as President just as the Governor was elected as a governor, and Nigeria is a federation.

“And please, Abati should know his limits and need not attempt to cross his boundaries.

“It is a bit strange to hear the kind of comments coming out of the Presidency and this shows that the statement was already prepared before governor Amaechi spoke.

“At no point in his speech did Governor Amaechi make any references. His wife was not even discussed because she is not an official of government.

“I do not understand where or how Mr. Abati got his story, so we just take it that this is one of those clear indications of rascality within the Presidency trying to call a dog a bad name and hang it”.

Source:- Sahara Reporters

Wizkid Arrested For Smoking In A Non-smoking Hotel In Kenya

Wizkid who was in Nairobi over the weekend to shoot a video and also had one or two shows was actually arrested at Nairobi Crown Plaza, a non-smoking hotel where he was lodged.

A Nairobian website which gave account of the scene reports that, the Nigerian star was arrested when he was about checking out of the hotel after it was discovered he had smoked an illegal substance- weed.

The hotel manager questioned him about the illegal act, which made them have a hot argument, before the hotel security men called in the police.

Victoria Kimani who had been visiting him in his hotel room was also there to help him check out and witnessed the whole scenario.

When the police came, they insisted he will have to follow them to their station; Capital Hill Police Station after they handcuffed him.

Even though he had paid the Sh50, 000 fine the hotel charges for breaking their rules, he was still taken away before he finally sort himself out.