Fast-rising Singer, Mr. Dandy Drops "EBOLA PRAYER SONG"

Fast-rising Singer, Songwriter, prolific Producer and Cum Singer, Daniel Onuigwe popularly known as Mr. Dandy has delved back into the industry with a soul-stirring and smashed-hitting single titled "Ebola Prayer Song". According to the tall, elegant, fair imperially slim handsome Lagos-based multi-talented singer, he said: "As a patriotic Nigerian and a Volunteer of the EbolaAlert movement, I write to introduce a song I wrote on Ebola titled "Ebola Prayer Song". Dedicated to the innocent lost souls of Ebola disease and also a call to all African leaders to come together and find an end to this problem. " Click the link below to download Mr. Dandy's "Ebola Prayer Song"....

Check Out KCee's Most Ridiculous Outfits.

We really need to start giving huge credits to celebrity stylists in Nigeria because they are doing one heck of a job on these our stars!
We take a trip back into pop singer KCee's public appearances and we wonder if he ever thought a stylist was ever needed.
KCee is perhabs known as that one Nigerian male star who is so keen about what he wears and how he appears in public places. Well, in some very shocking cases, the singer actually didn't think at all.
He has left fashion analysts as well as fans confused, angry, sad and stunned with these hilarious photos, check them out

President Goodluck Jonathan Attends AU Summit In Kenya.

The African Union Peace and Security Council meeting is holding today, September 2, 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya and President Goodluck Jonathan is one of the leaders in attendance.
The summit was convened to enable African leaders plan a joint strategy on combating terrorism.
The president, accompanied by the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Nurudeen Mohammed and the National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd.) among others is due to return to the country after the meeting ends today.

SAD: Suspected Ebola Patient Dies In Abuja.

Panic has struck the Federal Capital Territory after a patient suspected of having Ebola died at the Asokoro Hospital.
The deceased is said to have exhibited symptoms of the disease before dying on Friday, August 28, 2014.
The Accident and Emergency Unit of the hospital where the patient was being treated has been cordoned off and all staff who came in contact with the patient are being observed.
The FCT Health and Human Services Secretariat issued a statement regarding the incident saying that blood samples of the patient have been taken to a laboratory for testing.
The statement, signed by the secretariat’s Head of Public Relations, Badaru Yakassai, reads
“The Family Medicine unit of Asokoro District Hospital suspected Ebola disease in a patient on admission at the Accident and Emergency unit on the 28th of August 2014 and immediately isolated the patient. Strict infection control measures were immediately instituted.
 Blood sample was then taken to the designated FCT Ebola testing laboratory which happens to be within the hospital premises. The epidemiology unit of Public Health Department of the Health and Human Services Secretariat was notified and their response was immediate.
 The results of the Ebola test was being expected from the laboratory four days later, on Monday the 1st of September 2014.
Unfortunately, the patient died the next day, Friday 29th August 2014. The accident and emergency unit was temporarily relocated to the General Outpatient Unit (GOPD).
 A list of all medical staff who had come into contact with the patient has been compiled and they are all under surveillance”
The secretariat however urged residents of Abuja not to panic as the hospital was only taking precautionary measures to ensure that the disease did not spread.

FBI Investigates Jennifer Lawrence Nude Leaks.

Perhaps Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and other Hollywood stars should breath a sigh of relief after the FBI announced they will be investigating into the latest nude photo leak scandal.
A spokesperson for the FBI said in a statement, Monday afternoon,
"The FBI is aware of the allegations concerning computer intrusions and the unlawful release of material involving high profile individuals, and is addressing the matter. Any further comment would be inappropriate at this time."

The two most prominent names in the leak includes Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton and both have expressed interest in pursuing legal action in the matter.

According to, an Apple spokesperson says they are "actively investigating" whether or not their iCloud system was hacked as part of this leak.

"Spider Man" actress Kirsten Dunst has become the latest celeb to feature in the leak and she took to Twitter Monday acknowledging the photos are realand then blaming Apple for the mess.
She simply wrote, "Thank you iCloud."

Why I Steal With Axe - Robbery Suspect Confesses.

The police in Lagos have arrested a robbery suspect who is believed to operate around the Mushin axis of the state.
Olalekan Ajibola was reportedly caught trying to break into a home in the area with an axe. He was arrested after residents raised an alarm and called the police.
Ajibola allegedly confessed to the police that an axe is his only weapon of choice.
He said:
“I learnt to rob while in Oyingbo. When I go out for operations, I carry my axe. I have operated with it on five different occasions. When I enter houses, I ask people for money, phones and other valuables. If they resist, I will hack them with the axe. I use the axe for cutting victims who resist.”
 “I was brought up in a hard way. That is why I also don’t dress well. I rob in order to survive. I eat at any restaurant I find myself. I sneak in and out of them to have my meals.
The suspect also said that he was forced into a life of crime after his mother became mentally ill and his father abandoned him

PHOTOS: Top Nollywood Actress, Foluke Daramola-Salako Loses Father-inlaw (SAD!)

The husband of the Top Nollywood diva and human rights crusader, Foluke Daramola-Salako has lost his father to the cold hands of death at the age of 70 recently.        

Kayode Salako lost his father, Engr. Olatunde Israel Salako, who had battled with a protracted chronic asthmatic ailment in his home in Mowe area of Ogun State, a Lagos surburb, on Tuesday, September 12 at around 1pm.      

He had the attack as usual and couldn't survive it.  As the eldest son of the deceased, Kayode, is the erstwhile husband of the veteran actress, Foluke Daramola-Salako. Kayode Salako is the founder and President of the famous Fasholamania Independent Support movement, the project he has run and managed expansively since 2007 for the support, encouragement and promotion of Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola's ideal politics, leadership and governance in Lagos State.

Salako is also the National Coordinator of another socio- advocacy movement, Change Agents of Nigeria Network (CANN). A movement expansively networking change agents in Nigeria under a voice on common platform. He is a reputable educationist of many years; business and property investor and also a human rights crusader as his wife. According to the statement released by the family, Engr. Olatunde Salako will be buried in his home town, Igbajo, Osun State on Friday and Saturday, November 28 and 29, 2014.

Israel Shoots Down Unidentified Drone Near Syria Interim border.

Israel has shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle that entered Israeli airspace near the Syrian border on Sunday, the Israel Defense Forces confirmed.
The drone was destroyed by a Patriot surface-to-air missile over Quneitra in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said.
“In spite of the IDF’s sensitivity to recent occurrences in the proximity of the border, we have repeatedly stated that we will respond to any breach of Israel’s sovereignty and will continue to act to maintain safety and security to the civilians of the State of Israel,” Lerner added.
This is the first drone from Syria that Israel has shot down, although the IDF has shot down UAVs from Hamas and Hezbollah before.
It’s unclear which group in war-torn Syria was operating the UAV and why. It could have been the embattled government of President Bashar al-Assad or any of a number of rebel fighting groups or militant organizations.
The downing of the drone is the latest development in the Golan Heights on the Israeli-Syrian border, where United Nations peacekeepers were attacked on Saturday. U.N. officials said they were working to gain the release of dozens of peacekeepers detained by Islamist fighters when the attack occurred.
The U.N. has not identified the group responsible for detaining at least 44 peacekeepers, but an Israeli military official told CNN Syrian militants are behind the incident .
Al-Nusra Front fighters and other Syrian rebels seized control of the Syrian side of the Quneitra crossing last week — a capture that represents a new dynamic in a war long feared not only for its deadly effects inside Syria but for threatening to widen into a destabilizing regional conflict.
Syria is in turmoil as a bloody yearslong civil war rages on.
The United Nations Disengagement Observer Force has been in place in the Golan Heights since 1974 to maintain a ceasefire between Israel and Syria.
Israel seized control of the Golan Heights during the 1967 Six-Day War and fought off an attempt by Syria in 1973 to retake the rocky plateau.
In 1981, Israel annexed the Golan Heights. It is considered by the international community to be occupied territory.

30,000 People Show Up At Wizkid Concert In Benin Republic.

Nigerian singer, Ayo Balogun, better known as Wizkid, was in neighbouring Benin Republic at the weekend for a concert where he decided to do a little charity work after preformance
The artiste, who has been touring several countries of late, posted on his Instagram handle a video of him about to get up on the stage as thousand of fans screamed.
He added the caption, “30,000 people!! Benin Republic turn up!! Sold out!”
Meanwhile, Wizkid also shared a photo where he gave out relief items to the less privileged.
He wrote, “Food nd wheelchairs for the less privileged. This won’t do nothing for them but I pray God keeps ND protects everyone! God has a special plan. Make someone smile today! bless!”

Suicide Bomber Kills 37 In Iraq.

A suicide bomb which went of in Ramadi, western Anbar province of Iraq has reportedly killed 37 people, 22 security personnel and 15 civilians.
According to police and medical sources made available to Reuters, the bomb allegedly went off in in a 9-storey buliding under construction on Sunday, August 31.
Ramadi and neighouring Falluja cities have been under siege by fighting between security forces, armed groups and the Islamic State fighters since January.

Cameroon Recovers Community From Boko Haram.

Cameroon has recorded a victory against Boko Haram as its troops have chased the terrorists out of a community that they had occupied for almost three weeks.
The village of Ashigashia is on the nation’s border with Nigeria and has suffered from the spillover violence in Borno state.
Thousands of Nigerians and Cameroonians are currently hiding away at a school in Kolofata.
Reports had it last week that 480 Nigerian soldiers fled into Cameroon to escape Boko Haram and they also sought refuge in schools.
The Cameroon Defense Minister, Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo'o told Voice of America that the situation in Ashigashia is stabilizing after a successful military offensive.

SHAMEFUL: Man Kicked Off A Plane Because Of Body Odour.

A French man has filed a lawsuit against the American Airlines after being kicked off their plane because he smelled so bad.
Report says police has opened investigation to see if the airline is guilty of discrimination even though they have denied the charge.
According to, the 27-year-old man from Paris, was thrown off the airplane at the Charles-de-Gaulle airport.
In his complaint, he claimed he was asked to leave the flight that was heading to Dallas, Texas, before takeoff after several passengers complained about his body odour.
Should he have been asked to step off the plane or not? Tell us what you think.

Beauty Queen Runs Away With Crown After Being Stripped Of Her Title!

18 year old Burmese beauty, May Myat Noe has made away with the bejewelled Swarovski tiara – valued around $100,000 (£60,000)- $200,000 (£120,000)  she was 'crowned' with when she won Miss Asia Pacific World in May in Seoul after she was stripped of her title!
The disgraced teenager who was crowned Miss Asia Pacific World in May at a competition in the South Korean capital of Seoul was later discovered to be extremely rude and a disappointment to the organizers was reported to be dishonest while leeching off the organizers the whole time before she was stripped of the title.
After her win, the contest organisers arranged to revamp the teenager's looks after booking singing and video deals for her,  David Kim, director of media for the pageant said: “We thought she should be more beautiful … so as soon as she arrived we sent her to the hospital to operate on her breasts. “It’s our responsibility,” adding that sponsors picked up the $10,000 (£6,000) tab, as they have for past winners. “If she has no good nose, then maybe, if she likes, we can operate on her nose. If it’s breasts, then breasts.”
Mr Kim revealed the troubles started when the beauty queen brought her mother with her to Seoul on a supposed 10-day visit, that turned into three months, with costs rising all the time.
The organizers said she “lied” the whole time and “never had respect for the main organisation, the national director, the manager, media or fans who made her the winner,” which made the organizers decide to strip the queen of her title, She was given a plane ticket back to Yangon, but never showed up and made away with the tiara in tow!
The organizers believes the teenager thinks as long as she keeps this crown she’s the winner,” but they've released a statement saying “She’s not.”! So weird, No?

Porn Stars Allow Fans To Squeeze Their Breasts For Charity.

In a curious fund raising attempt, a group of Japanese porn stars have allowed fans to squeeze their breasts in a bid to raise money.
This was part of the activities at a "Boob Aid" charity event for AIDS prevention.
The porn stars wore yellow t-shirts which they rolled up to reveal their breasts whenever an interest fan approached.
The girls were touched by nearly 6000 hands and they managed to raise $50,000 with their efforts.
Looks like it was worth it.

OMG!!! Nude Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence Leak Online.

Jennifer Lawrence is not having the best of times right now.
A hacker obtained several nude photos of the “Hunger Games” actress and shared them online.
The star’s reps have verified that the pictures are genuine but they are not sure how they leaked.
Photos below;

EBOLA: 3 Suspected Cases In PH As APC Tells Nigerians To Hold President Jonathan Responsible If The Virus Spread More

Three people have been taken to the Ebola Virus Disease  quarantine centre at Oduoha, Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State.
 The State Commissioner for Health, Sampson Parker, made this known on Sunday just as the Federal Government said another emergency meeting of the National Council of Health over the EVD would hold in Abuja today. The last meeting took place on August 11, 2014.
 Parker, who addressed journalists,   said those quarantined were   a doctor, a pharmacist and a woman who came into contact with Dr. Iyke Enemuo, who died of the virus in Port Harcourt on August 22.

The pharmacist and the doctor are members of staff of Sam Steel Hospital while  the nurse worked at the Good Heart Hospital where Enemuo died.

Sam Steel Hospital was founded by Enemuo, who contracted Ebola while treating an ECOWAS diplomat, Koye Olu-Ibukun, who travelled to Port Harcourt after coming into contact with the Liberian-American, Patrick Sawyer. Sawyer died from the   virus in Nigeria.

He said, “They (pharmacist, nurse and doctor) have not been confirmed (as having Ebola) and we are waiting for the result of the investigation today -Sunday”

Parker, who as of 8pm on Sunday had not made the outcome of the tests public,   also confirmed   that Enemuo’s widow was at the isolation centre in Lagos where she is receiving treatment having tested positive to the virus.

Some 200 primary and secondary contacts have been traced, although about 60 had yet to be spoken to, he added. None of them had shown symptoms.

He said,

 “I have been telling you before now that almost 200 persons have been line-traced. Out of this number, we are still to be in touch with about 60 of them.
“But 50 high risk contacts have been identified. Because of stigma and the rest of them, these persons are not coming up but we are still on them.
“We are concentrating on the names we have to capture in our (monitoring) activities but the good news is that we have been making good progress in checking the spread of Ebola.”
The commissioner also said the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, Sam Steel Hospital, Mandate Hotels and Good Heart Hospital had been decontaminated.

He added that the state now had a mobile laboratory for testing people.

Meanwhile, the  National Council of Health-NCH will meet again today in Abuja to “review the situation, preparedness by states and ascertain their compliance with the recommendation of the last meeting” on   containing the Ebola outbreak in the country.
The Special Assistant, Media and Communications, to the Minister of Health, Dan Nwomeh, and the   Kogi State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Omede Idris confirmed the meeting.
“The meeting will hold on Monday at Barcelona Hotel, Wuse,” said Nwomeh. He however did not state the agenda of the meeting.
The NCH comprises the minister of Health, state commissioners for   health.   Except in an emergency, the council meets once in a year.
Our correspondents gathered that the meeting was convened to discuss the implementation of some of the decisions reached at the August 11, 2014 parley,   particularly the directive on transport of corpses and how   those who died of EVD should be handled.
Also, the All Progressives Congress has said Nigerians must hold President Goodluck Jonathan personally responsible if Ebola spreads more than it has done in the country.
The party said that the President failed to stop a rally in his support in Port Harcourt on Saturday, despite warning from individuals and groups.
The APC, in a statement issued on Sunday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, saidnever before had a President of a country sabotaged his administration’s policy and endangered the lives of his compatriots as Jonathan had done on the Ebola issue.
It said the same President, who declared a national emergency on Ebola and advised against large gatherings to prevent the spread of the virus, was the first to flout his own advice by   failing to stop the rally by the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria in Port Harcourt.
The party noted that the rally was held a few days after the virus was detected in the city and at a time that contact tracing was going on to find all those who might have come into contact with the medical doctor victim of the disease.
The party stated,
 ‘‘On the altar of political desperation, President Jonathan put the lives of Nigerians in danger. In order to realise his ambition for re-election, President Jonathan has shown he is ready to sacrifice as many lives of Nigerians as possible. There goes the President’s statement that his political ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian. This President simply says what he doesn’t mean.”
 Dr. Ruben Abati, the President’s spokes person is yet to comment on the statement.

"I Hope All My Artistes Are As Successful As Wizkid" - Banky W

Nigerian R&B singer and EME record label Exec, Banky W is super proud of his former protege, Wizkid that he now wishes the other artists signed to his label could be as successful.
In his interview with Channels TV's "Rubbin Minds" Sunday, Banky said its always a 'good thing' for younger artists to grow up and have independent careers. He says:
"I signed Wiz and he blow up and now he is doing 'Star Boy' (music label) and that is a good thing. That is not a bad thing... The interesting thing is to allow an artist to renegotiate. Wizkid has earned the right to sit at the table to do what he wants to do and I hope all my artistes are as successful as Wizkid."
The "Jaiye Ori Mi" hit-maker also debunked claims that Wizkid's tune, "The Matter" was inspired by disagreement between the duo during the latter’s contract renegotiation.
He insists that both parties remain cool but blames haters for always biulding reports around negativity:
"I think that people tend to make things a little more negative than they are... Every label executive prays for their artistes to grow to the point when they want to set up their own label and they have the ability to do so. It is a natural progression in music."

Kid Cudi Collapses At Chicago Concert.

US rapper Kid Cudi faints while signing an autograpgh for a fan in Chicago on Saturday night.
According to reports, the rapper was taken out of the crowd by several security guards who were on duty.
After his performance at the North Coast Music Festival, the rapper was said to have been sweating profusely as he later faced the waiting crowd.

TMZ reports that he appeared fine one moment but was laying on the floor the next.
Hours after his health scare, the former G.O.O.D Music rapper tweeted:
"Mad love to the security who were there and helped me out tonight. Really awesome dudes! Thanx for nursing me back to health ha ... I'll do better and make sure to eat properly on show days :) scouts honor! ... If I scared anyone tonight I am so so sorry from the bottom of my heart."
Did he just apologize for almost dying?

CONFESSION: ‘I Tried Dating Genevieve’ – Banky W

Musician, Banky W was a guest on the "Rubbin Minds" show today and he opened up about his relationship status and the women he has crushed on.
The EME executive said that he had a huge crush on Genevieve Nnaji and even tried to go after her but it didn’t work.
He said:
"I tried but Genevieve is Genevieve. I had a big crush on her at one point but now we are really cool friends"
He also revealed that he had a big crush on Niyola but after he signed her to EME, she became like his little sister so there could be no relationship.
When asked if he is under pressure to get married, he said:
"I think that there is a certain pressure that society brings and probably even more so the Nigerian society.
So like your parents, once you graduate they start asking when you are going to get married so you can get me it’s just the mentality but I think it’s probably an unhealthy obsession with weddings and probably not as great an obsession with healthy marriages and for me it’s like who you get married to or when you get married is one of the major decisions that you can make.
So its wiser that you do it when you are sure that you are ready and you have found the person that you want to do it with and so on and so forth rather than succumb to whatever pressure or whatever it is because nobody is going to live that life with you.
Nobody is going to wake up with the person for the rest of your life. So I don’t believe in that and I think my parents know me well enough to not....they know I don't respond to such things. So do I look forward to getting married?
Absolutely, but when the person and the time is right. I have friends who I went to school with who got married and are now divorced and I don't want that to be my story so I would rather wait, find the person, make myself right, make the person right and so on and so forth and do it right one time rather than try and fail and be married for 72 days"
Banky  also stated that he is not currently in a relationship because “those things are hard to do.”

ADAMAWA GUBER: Why We Disqualified Acting Governor Fintiri – PDP

Following the disqualification of the acting governor of Adamawa state, Umaru Fintiri from contesting in the Saturday, September 6, 2014 primaries ahead of the Saturday, October 11, 2014 by-election, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has explained that the decision had to be made as it negates the constitution.
Fintiri’s disqualification was announced of Saturday, August 30, 2014 with the party saying the decision was made on moral grounds.
Acting governor of Adamawa state, Umaru Fintiri [Photo Credit: Premium Times]
Acting governor of Adamawa state, Umaru Fintiri
Chairman of the screening committee, Ibrahim Mantu while speaking to newsmen after the screening exercise said Fintri’s participation  would be a violation of Section 191 (2) of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution.
Premium Times reports:
The section explains the circumstance under which the Speaker of a State Assembly can act as a state governor where a vacancy exist in which both the governor and his deputy have vacated office.
“Where any vacancy occurs in the circumstances mentioned in subsection (1) of this section during a period when the office of Deputy Governor of the State is also vacant, the Speaker of the House of Assembly of the State shall hold the office of Governor of the State for a period of not more than three months, during which there shall be an election of a new Governor of the State who shall hold office for the unexpired term of office of the last holder of the office,” the Constitution says.
Mr. Fintiri, a former Speaker, became the acting governor after the state assembly impeached former Governor Murtala Nyako and his Deputy, Bala Ngillari.
Saturday, August August 30, 2014 screening started 12pm and ended about 8:30pm.
Mr. Mantu said Mr. Fintiri’s role as acting governor is to ensure a smooth transition and a free and fair poll.
He said the duty of the acting governor “is to play the role of a midwife and not the one carrying the pregnancy”.
“Of all the contestants only one aspirant was found short of the requirement to contest the poll and his name is Ahmadu Umar Fintiri,” he said. “Section 191 (2) does not permit anyone to transit from acting to substantial governor, he is not a deputy governor.
” He added that: “Fintiri is not qualified because he is not like a deputy governor, but a child of circumstances. He is like a midwife and not seen as the one carrying the baby. His role should be somebody who should ensure a free and fair election. But he can appeal,” Mr. Mantu said”.
The appeal committee is expected to review the screening on Sunday.
Those cleared to participate at the primary election slated for Saturday, September 6, 2014 in Yola include former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Nuhu Ribadu; former Military administrator of Lagos and Borno states, Buba Marwa; and Former Executive Secretary of the Universal Basic Education Commission, UBEC, Ahmed Modibbo.
Others are, former political adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan, Ahmed Gulak; former Presidential aide, Umar Ardo; former acting governor, James Barka; Andrawus Sawa, and former Senator Abubakar Girei.
Also cleared are former Minister of External Affairs, Idi Hong; Awwal Tukur, Markus Gundiri, Jerry Kumdisi and Aliyu Kama.
The committee screened the aspirants to ascertain their commitment and loyalty to the party, verify their membership card and party dues, as well as tax clearance among other things.
Speaking to newsmen after his screening, Mr. Ribadu expressed satisfaction with the process, and said he was confident the party leadership would ensure transparent primaries for all aspirants.
Also speaking, another aspirant, Ahmed Modibo, said the screening process was excellent and straightforward, adding that the rest was left for the committee to decide.
On his part, Mr. Ardo said that he was not satisfied with the waivers granted to Messrs. Ribadu, Marwa and Gundiri by the leadership of the party.
He said the waivers did not follow due process because it did not emanate from the ward to the national level.
He however said that he would abide by the decision of the party adding that he would also accept the result of the primaries if it followed due process.
Former Minister, Mr. Hong said “I am satisfied with the screening; the committee is doing its work. I am a candidate, and I am not stepping down.”
Andrawus Sawa, a 71-year-old aspirant and a retired Colonel, said he was in the race to ensure sanity in Adamawa State and to have a say in the happenings of the state.
Earlier, a visibly angry Mr. Fintiri declined to speak to reporters and hurriedly stormed out of the party secretariat.
Acting Governor Fintiri has faced mounting criticisms over his decision to contest the election to replace Mr. Nyako, whose removal he spearheaded.
Other candidates for the poll have accused him of staging a “coup” and lacking the moral right to contest.
On Saturday, loyalists of the ousted governor vowed to present evidence showing Mr. Fintiri had decamped to the APC.